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Sakurai is a troubled teen constantly tormented by peers at school. He is introduced trying to kill himself encourage by others to him from online emails and chatting. The pain is too much and Sakurai stops this attempt. The next day he meets his mysterious neighbor, Sakata Kenzou. The man comes wanting to share his gift of telekinesis with Sakurai. The methods occur over a spand of hours. Sakata points out it will take 2 days of repeating the methods to full activate the power. Sakurai spends those days moving small items with the power of his mind. He is also able to see beyond the surface of the organic flesh as well. Another positive note was receiving a email from a girl pleading for Sakurai not to kill himself. Sakurai reveals no intention to take his own life anymore. He returns to school where the bullies are waiting for him. This time Sakurai retaliates with his powers. None are aware of what is going on. Sakurai uses his power to burst blood vessels inside his oppressors. Sakurai is interrogated afterwards but had not laid a hand of the slain students.

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