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 Jupiter Crystal Power

Makoto Kino is a tomboy who transfers into Usagi's school. She is very tall and strong for a Japanese schoolgirl, she can transform into Sailor Jupiter, attacking with lightning and with some control over plants. When she was young both of her parents died in a plane accident so she lives alone and takes care of herself. Although she is never seen working anywhere she always seems to be financially ok. She is most known for her physical strength. When first transferring to Usagi's school there was rumorers of her being kicked out of others schools for attacking teachers and students. Even though everyone was terrified of her Usagi wasnt and quickly made friends with her.

Although she is a black belt in karate she is also has a black belt in cooking. Whenever going out with the group or just going to someones home she always 'brings goodies' and everyone seems to enjoy her cooking. She also seems to enjoy cleaning and doing other domestics things which at first shocked the other sailor scouts.

She seems to have a very protective personality. If someone is hurt or if someone is messing with one of her friends she will quickly confront the person causing the problem and make them back off. She is also very loyal.

Even though she is busy with school and as a Sailor Scout she hopes to marry young and own her own flower and cake shop.


 Supreme Thunder
Like all of the senshi warriors, Makota can call upon the transformation gifts of the senshi and become Sailor Jupiter. She is granted powers not available to her civilian form usually by shouting "Jupiter Power Make-Up!"
Mako-Chan's primary abilities as a senshi deal with electricity. Her first attack is "Supreme Thunder" where she uses a lightning rod in her tiara to channel lightning at her foe. She upgrades the ability to later become "Supreme Thunder Dragon" and "Super Supreme Thunder." In the second arc, Jupiter channels her electricity into "Sparkling Wide Pressure" which she forms an electric sphere that is hurled at her opponent. 
 Oak Evolution
She has also shown an affinity for plant based attacks such as "Jupiter Coconut Cyclone" which is only used in the manga. Once she becomes Super Sailor Jupiter, she uses the attack "Jupiter Oak Evolution" where she hurls razor sharp leaves from the tiara she wears.

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