What the Hell Apple? Saga #12 Banned!

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@end_boss said:

@ragdollpurps: But there was no purpose in this case. I've seen the panels, and the images are completely out of context and unnecessary to the scene. I invite you to look at the pages yourself (which, it seems, you have not) and make your own educated judgement call. And no, sorry, @danhimself is wrong. You do not need to be actively reading a series to know that it has done something that is both unnecessary and in poor taste. That's like saying if I saw a television show in which a person is brutally raped and tortured onscreen in drawn-out, lingering and glorified fashion that I have no right to express my distaste if I haven't seen that show since the pilot. Complete nonsense.

Look, I get that you like Saga, and that's fine. I'm sure the story, outside of this incident, is great. I've seen lots of buzz about it on the internet and some of my close friends really like it. But just because you like a book doesn't mean you need to defend its every action, especially when that action is senseless. It doesn't make you "loyal," only willfully ignorant.

like it's been said before it's a picture the size of a postage stamp and as @ragdollpurps pointed out it does indeed have bearing on the story....this isn't the first time the book has featured sex...the very first issue features the same character having sex with his wife...there's really nothing to defend here....they've done nothing wrong....it doesn't make me "willfully ignorant" it just means that like I said before that I'm not letting two postage stamp sized pictures that can easily be ignored bother me

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That's actually kinda funny because of how homophobic it makes apple seem. I mean they can't even really try to claim they banned it just because it's sex while the top purchesed book on the apple book store is... 50 shades of gray :P

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@danhimself: As I mentioned to @ragdollpurps, sexual imagery was not necessary for that scene to make its point. Anything nonsensical or outside of the character's usual behavior would have sufficed. The fact that it was what amounts to screenshots from a porno is what sours it for me. It's not even a particularly creative way of demonstrating it.



And in that very first issue that you speak of, is it just racy, or do you see cock and balls? Is his wife shown giving him head? Taking a load to the face? No? Then it's not the same. To be clear, the images don't particularly bother me, I can just recognize when something is in poor taste.

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I am curious about deleted messages on this thread.

Well, I am going to pick up this book now.

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Seemed kinda random.

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Update on topic *quickly glances at posts to make sure no one else has put it* Wasn't Apple it was Comixology - just a misunderstanding.

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