Sabretooth was a gladiator in Rome?

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I just read in his profile that himself and Wild Child fought in the coliseums as he was possibly born some time around 177 CE. Is his healing factor really that advanced to keep him alive that long or could these be false memories or did I miss something?

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Must be false memories because I thought his healing factor was weaker than wolverine's otherwise they are just making up crap for his backstory lol

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lol i didn't think he was that old it is a pretty cool concept though

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#4 Posted by Walker696 (1014 posts) - - Show Bio

Somebody claimed that him and Logan fought back then, but we know its not true for one of them. Nothing ever really came out of it, so it could have just been something random they put out there to make him sound stronger or something

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#5 Posted by infonation (1666 posts) - - Show Bio
@Thunderscream: I'm not sure! But it COULD be possible if Sabertooth was put into a state of suspended animation at some point!
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#6 Posted by Omega Ray Jay (8416 posts) - - Show Bio

Hopefully it's false memory's, either that or someone loves Highlander.

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#7 Posted by SavageDragon (2257 posts) - - Show Bio

I think its a cool idea.

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#8 Posted by HellionVulcan (4866 posts) - - Show Bio

Are u sure it was way back in that time period or just like during weapon x days they fought in something like that .

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