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Despite the fact that the book is called "Back to the Nature", the other title, "Homicidal Tendencies", is inside the comic. This comic book consists of a prologue and 3 chapters:

  • Prologue:  At Estevan Point, a small coastal town in Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, a young married couple, Peter Bedford and his girlfriend Lori Bradt, are butchered by a madman.    
  • Chapter 1 - Encounters:  Wildchild and Sabretooth are in Falls Edge, Virginia. This is where Wildchild learns the news about the butchering of his friends and agrees to team up with Sabretooth to go after the ones who did it. The men that they’re going after are 2 brothers that were once professional assassins for the United States government, Komorovsky and Yuri Yevgraf.

    Sabretooth and Wildchild visit the Bradt family Ranch in Vancouver to try to talk to Lori’s younger sister Leisel, but they have no luck talking to her and are forced to leave. The next place they go to is the site where the murders took place and Sabretooth reconstructs the events of the crime and determines that they Yevgraf brothers are heading inland.  They visit a few motels and bars to figure out exactly where they were going and eventually find out that they two brothers were going to lie low for a while in Hunlen Falls.    

  • Chapter 2 - The Hunted:  Sabretooth and Wildchild catch up to the Yevgraf brothers and fight them, but Komorovsky escapes and Yuri is injured badly. Leisel uses her hunting rifle to aid in the fight against the Yevgraf brothers and comes to Sabretooths aid at the end of the chapter.

  • Chapter 3 - Hide and Seek:  Wildchild, Sabretooth, and Leisel team up and pursue the Yevgraf Brothers and find them hiding at an old slaughterhouse. When the Yevgraf brothers are killed, their bodies are positioned so that it would appear that they had died on accident.    







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