I don't understand...

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Where is the 124 points worth of work done to this character?

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Pretty sure it was deleted because it was plagiarized.

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Yet the points remain...

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Lookit the enemies page. Previously some of those entries were blank because I or other people who added enemies don't like the overview filler that defaults there, then they were filled with stuff either cut and paste from elsewhere on the site or sort of written expositorily without any sense of the purpose of the page solely in order to get points. So the person (splenetic IT professional) figured out (innocently or not, who knows, who cares), if you add an enemy you get 1 point, if you add 2 paragraphs of text that have nothing to do with anything in the context of that page, you get 50-80 points per entry.

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That's a neat trick... and, surely, a total abuse of live edit privileges.

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