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This is my team.

This is the Hardcover book collecting the first 18 issues of the first Runaways on-going. 
The Story: We meet our protagonist's Alex,Gertrude,Nico,Molly,Chase and Karolina either talking or arguing with their parents over different reasons and they all meet up at Alex's house for their yearly meeting.Since these are teenagers and they get easily bored they go spy on their parents and they see them kill a young girl and find out they are actually supervillains of the Pride who are the crime lords of L.A.After discovering each of their powers or items they decide to take down their parents and bring honour to there names again.In their adventures they will learn about the Gibborim,meet Cloak & Dagger and Captain America and learn to stick together and survive.


The Awesome:

This is my favorite team of all time.These feel like real teenagers I know.Sure at first they are the regular stereotypes be it gamer,jock,goth girl,hippie girl,the smart one and the little girl but at the end of this trade they have their own personnalities and show were they will grow in the future.My favorite character is Chase Stein whose parents are the evil genuises of the Pride,he is my favorite since just like me he backtalks to his parents and always says his mind to his friends,also I like that instead of pairing him up with one of the more attractive girls Brian K Vaughn decides to pair him up with Gert,wich comes into play in "Parental Guidance" but ill come back to that one some other time.All the other characters are also well evolved,as a side note in "Escape to New York"" we find out that Karolina is a lesbian but in here there I found 5 hints that obviously hint at that character development.The one that is the most fun is Molly Hayes but that is obvious since she is a child and her point of view is still fresh on the world.Another I like to point out is that right before they break in Molly's house to save her Nico and Alex talk about how the world is going to Hell and they are scared of how it will end but all they can do is try and make it.It also has tons of references to teenage mythos like The Who's "My Generation" and James Dean.It even refences Buffy when they are fighting a vampire.Also most of the love triangle shenanigans is done in the middle of the story so it doesn't really interfer with the ending.Also this is the first series with the art done by Toronto artist Adrian Alphona wich does a great job with drawing belivable human body's and creature's,his work is also very well complemented by the coloring.As extras we have a letter written by "Buffy the Vampire Slayer","Firefly",""Astonishing X-Men" writer and creator Joss Weadon who would later write the arc "Dead End Kids" that I haven't read yet,we also get the original layout of the first 6 issue of the storie that shows major differences in the characters names and personnalities and some original concept art by Alphona.

The Bad:

I found it odd seeing characters with their mouths open widly but it doesn't take away from the story.  

The Verdict:

This is a fantastic trade with brand new characters with the intent of having great adventures with very little influence with the rest of the Marvel Universe,wich was Vaugh's intention with this.This series is collected in 3 trade paperbacks intitled "Pride & Joy","Teenage Wasteland" and "Only the Good Die Young" or this hardcover.This is a must if anybody wants a great teen story with relateble characters,great humour and teen agnst.

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