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Background/Basic Information

Roy was one of the few people who made it almost entirely through the Ishbalan War without being scathed. To do it, he killed men, women, and children (including Winry Rockbell's parents), something that he hated himself for, but realized that in the end he couldn't have let them go on and have lived himself, it was impossible, for they had attempted to kill him. He is best friends with Lieutenant Hawkeye, a woman of silence when in public. Despite him being the man and she being the woman in their "relationship", she seems to get most of the control in what happens, despite having lower rank than Roy.


Roy uses mostly a special technique: He creates a tiny spark because he wears a glove that is made by special material due to this technique, he can create great bursts of flames. If it rains he cannot create a spark so he cannot create the flames. Roy also knows the normal form of Alchemy.

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