I go before the television cameras on Saturday!

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Yup, U-All will finally get to see and HEAR me in a few days! :D

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When and where?

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All I know right now is that the interview will be conducted tomorrow, turok. My interviewer is currently probably scrambling to come up with questions. I put the poor guy on the spot.

He approached me about a month ago to be on his show and I told him that my plate was already overflowing and that I wouldn't have any spare time until after DragonCon. Well, DragonCon ended on Monday.

A couple of days ago I told Tony about the television show and he asked me when it would be airing. I told him that I would call the guy and set up something for next week. Tony said, "NO! Do the interview ASAP! We need to link to it BEFORE the Kickstarter ends!

So here I sit, completely at the mercy of this media guy...flying by the seat of my pants! LOL!

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@turoksonofstone said:

When and where?

Sad news, turok. :(

The interview has been postponed indefinitely. There will be nothing to link to until after the Kickstarter ends...so the whole point of the interview has been defeated. :( :( :( ...

...at least for the time being. :D

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Aw, keeping talons crossed that it is only a temporary delay.

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