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Gets it Together

Roxie first appears trying to attack Scott but failed by Scott punching her in the boob. She then retreated. The next day she is found talking to Ramona at the Happy Avacodo (Scott's work). She then reveals that she is Ramona's fourth evil ex which made Scott freak. Turns out Roxie and Ramona were dating in college because Ramona was bi curious. Roxie was about to attack Scott and reveal that Scott was two timing her with knives but Ramona didn't believe her. Ramona put Scott in her subspace bag and ran away through the subspace highway. Roxie knew all about Subspace and fought Ramona in there. Ramona was winning and made fun of her for being a "half ninja". Furious, Roxie fought harder and almost killed Ramona but stopped and left. Later while Scott was sleeping at Lisa's place, Roxie attacked Scott in his dream but Scott woke up. Later when Scott comes and visits Ramona to find Roxie in her house. Scott then used Knives father to attack Roxie which ended in a tie. Scott then defeated Roxie with the power of love sword. Roxie turned into a bunch of woodland critters (sonic reference).

Other Media

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Movie - In the movie Roxie Richter is played by Mae Whitman.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Roxie appears as the fifth world boss akin to her appearance in the comics book. Her level consists of Scott and the party chasing her through a bus, restaurant, and garden until finally starting the boss battle in Ramona's back yard. Roxie is the fastest of the exes and will use that speed to dash around the battlefield. Her sword also can detach its segments into a whip (nod to Ivy from Soulcalibur) to attack at a distance. She will teleport by leaving a stump behind in an attempt to get a jump on the player (nod to Naruto). Roxie will also duplicate herself into four bodies. Once she is defeated she will explode into little animals (nod to Sonic the Hedgehog) which count as the prize coins.

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