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Son of Zal and Rudaba, Rostam's birth was a trial; Rudaba was near death when Zal chose to summon the mythical monster that reared him, The Simurgh. The mystical creature's intervention saved the lives of both mother and child, and Rostam was destined to live a charmed existence.

The mightiest warrior and considered by many the true focus of the 10th c. Persian text The Shahnameh, Rostam's feats are the Islamic literary equivalent of Hercules or Achilles (The Shanameh can be reasonably paralleled to The Illiad by Homer, in terms of literary importance). His life is the stuff of legend and heroic romance. As a child he slays a berserker white elephant with a single blow, and tames the stallion Rakhsh who would remain his most faithful companion in life. He fights demons and the sons of demons, slays dragons, and wins wars. He fathers a son who he only ever meets in battle and defeats, only to discover too late his opponent's true identity. His is a tale of valour and tragedy, a true heroic romance.

In Comics

The character of Rostam was adapted from the original Persian text for comics in 2005 by Persian-American writer Bruce Bahmani and illustrator Karl Altstaetter. Four issues were released over a period of five years under the Hyperwerks title Rostam: Tales From the Shahnameh.

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