I'm having issues with the way they write in Ravager lately...

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So there are some things that bother me lately about good ol' Rosie. And by lately I don't mean events lately, I mean just in general I've been thinking on it. So if you don't know about Rose, first of all, SPOILERS. Anywho, continuing...

Rose ran away from the Teen Titans after the events happening with the Terror Titans and Clock King. Because of the fans demands for her (I guess) they gave her a small chunk of the Teen Titans comics in the back called "Ravager: Fresh from Hell" or something like that I dunno. It's 8:30am and I have to go to work soon. So anyway, during this kind of mini series, she is struggling with her addiction to adrenaline drugs. Not only that, but she's saving women slaves, killing bad guys, etc. So that arch ends and...well it just ends.

The next time we see Rose, she's attacking Deathstroke in Blackest Night. What confuses me is that in that issue it says it was BEFORE the events of Ravager Fresh from Hell! So at the end of that issue she's like "I'm going to find my mommy!" but in Fresh from Hell she never mentioned anything about that at all or whatever. So...wtf?

Then the NEXT time we see Rosie, she's suddenly back to being a Teen Titan!? This is NEVER explained other then Wonder Girl briefly saying once something like "Oh she needed a second chance" or some bullspit like that. All of the sudden Rose doesn't kill anymore and is off her addiction from drugs? When did this happen?! WTF!? What's going on here?!?! Not to mention I cannot recall her ONCE reacting to Eddie's death! I know Rose wouldn't weep about it but she cared for him! The least they could do is have her giving her two cents. If she did respond, I must have missed it because it was THAT short and carelessly written of a response!

What really pisses me off is that I feel like they just threw her in there to have her 3 comic interaction with Damian Wayne and now she HARDLY gets TWO WORDS in any comic. She's BARELY in the current issues of Teen Titans DESPITE that cover of her and Superboy kissing which I guessed before hand "she's possessed or that's not her".

The whole thing just really bothers me. They put Rose on the Teen Titans as the badass character that always argues and pisses off the leader or they portray her as the general slut of the team. She's such a great character and I feel like she deserves way more than to just be cast aside so we can watch Wonder Girl and Superboy have their teen romance issues that ALWAYS take up freaking half an issue of comic.

GIVE ROSE HER OWN TITLE! Stop treating her like a side character when she DESERVES to be a star! She's FAR more interesting then any of the other Titans!

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@Crazy Pan: HEAR HEAR!! I have been begging for Rose to have her own title for ages!!

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@.Mistress Redhead.: I know right?! They're treating her like CRAP D:

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