Rorschach Respect Thread!

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How has this not been done yet? Shocking! Anyway, here is to the BA that is Rorschach. Secretly all the Watchmen, including Dr. M work for him because notice how Rorschach told Dr. M to kill him and he complied. It is also my belief, that he let himself get caught just so Nite Owl and Silk would have something to do.

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He is brilliant, favorit qoute from the movie: None of you seem to understand. I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with ME!!!

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My feelings about Rorschach when I first read Watchmen as a teen are really different from they are now at 31.

As a teen, yeah Rorschach was awesome. He didn't care what anyone else thought and pursued his goals relentlessly. No one was safe from him.

As an adult, I look at the other side or Rorschach. He's a broken man. He has no true friends and (until the murder of the Comedian) is waging a war against...nothing. He roams the street with a crackpot end of the world sign. True, he follows the leads, kicks the tail, and works with the team, but that's all he has. And it doesn't last. In the end, Rorschach has to be put down at the hands of a former friend and ally when he tries to destroy the ONLY semblance of good that could have come out of the book's horrors. In the end, Rorschach is practically the one bringing about "the end" that he's ranted about.

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Still doesn't make him any less of a good character though.

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Rorschach is so damn underestimated! I think part of that is there isn't as much Rorschach as there is batman or other superheroes. He's only been in watchmen and before watchmen thats it

he's much more of a badass than most people realize

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