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Ronald Parvenue is a businessman that spent millions on a hunting expedition into Canada to capture the Hunter in Darkness. Parvenue was using the Hunter as an attraction to lure people into his casino in Atlantic City. Parvenue would first display the Hunter in the middle of Times Square inside a cage as it was hoisted above the air by a helicopter. Parvenue was accompanied by a beauty named Yuriko who actually was Lady Deathstrike. Wolverine, Jubilee and Sabretooth watched the spectacle take place after the Hunter was revealed. The Hunter was wounded by Emmy Doolin who wanted revenge on that creature because it killed her father years ago. Wolverine came to help the Hunter but all hell would break loose when Lady Deathstrike and Sabretooth entered the fray. Parvenue would fly off in the helicopter when the cage holding the Hunter in Darkness crashed into a water tower and set free. A slash fest takes place between Wolverine, the Hunter, Deathstrike and Sabretooth. Doolin was shooting anyone that got in her way and she wounded Lady Deathstrike causing her to fall off the building. Deathstrike's cyborg body saved her and she was picked up by Parvenue on the streets below.

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