Doctor Who producers steal another Buffy star?!?

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Romana II
Romana II
Ever since the rumor several months ago that Romanadvoratrelundar was going to be returning in the 5th series of Doctor Who, fans have been speculating which actress would be able to fill the shoes of Lalla Ward who left the series during the Doctor's 4th Regeneration. Miss Ward currently revises her role as Romanadvoratrelundar in the BBC audio book series "Gallifrey" which details Romanadvoratrelundar's life on Gallifrey after her return from E-Space, her rise and life as High President of Gallifrey up until the Time War.

Romana III?
Romana III?
No details on how Romanadvoratrelundar is going to be written into the new series are available at this time, however in a recent interview, the producers of Doctor Who have stated that they are hoping to cast Amber Benson, star of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and cult TV show Buffy: The Vampire Slayer in the role of Romanadvoratrelundar's 3rd Regeneration.

Amber Benson is best known for her role in the cult TV series Buffy where she played the girlfriend of Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan) until leaving in the sixth series. She has also guest starred in several long running TV series such as Supernatural and Cold Case.


Wow... i'm gobsmacked...

I seriously hope that she does get the part, though it is fun after having Anthony Stewart Head in Dr Who, former star of Buffy and Rocky Horror as well lol

Maybe the Dr Who producers are Buffy / Rocky Horror fans as well lol


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Hey, ain't nothing wrong with it lol

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i love the idea lol

it's not the face i pictured for Romana III but it's something i can learn to love lol

Romana has always been about the same age as The Doctor physically (She was only 120 or so in her first regeneration while The Doctor was around 700), so having Amber Benson play Romana is a bit young for my tastes, but it works...


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Well this is how Romana looked during her second regeneration...

So it will be a bit weird seeing her so young again... but then again, The Doctor has regressed in age physically and Romana always showd more control over her Regenerations than he did...

i do hope Lalla Ward comes back for the episode where they bring Romana back, just to show the regeneration lol


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