Your favorite Rogue voice actress?

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Who's your favorite Rogue voice actress? I myself like Erin Matthews from X-Men Legends 1 best, but Lenore Zann from X-Men the animated series (the 90s series) is a close second (one of the few voices on that show I really like)
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I was partial to Kieren van den Blink (Wolverine and the X-Men)

#3 Posted by Phoenix XII (158 posts) - - Show Bio

 Lenore Zann all the way!!!
#4 Posted by A-Strondinaire (417 posts) - - Show Bio

Lenore Zann is the queen Erin Matthews was a good replacement (hell anything is better than Cat Tabers) but its like that voice was meant for her and she even stated she would have come back for Wolverine and the X-Men had they told her early enough. I may be a little biased but i have to say that was what probably could have saved the show from cancellation...well that and being showed on a main cable network not an off shoot lame satellite channel but I digress.
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i agree A strondinaire Lenore Zann is Rogue to me.
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Lenor Zann, anytime i read a comic with Rogue in it i have to get her voice in my head

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Lenore Zann !!! :)

#8 Posted by KDarkholme (343 posts) - - Show Bio

Lenore Zann - #1 
Meghan Black - #2
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for me its Lenore Zann then the Evolution Rogue actress then the Wolverine and x-men Rogue actress. to me Lenore Zann just understood Rogue a little better then the other actors in my opion. Lenore made Rogue sexy sassy flirty yet she made Rogue sad and lonely to Rogue has so many layers to her and i think Lenore hit evrey beat with Rogues personality. i would love if Lenore had a chance to voice Rogue again.
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Lenore Zann!!!! I really didnt even like any other portrayal of Rogue... She wasnt "gothic" she was always a southern belle 
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Personally, Lenore Zann will always be my favorite actress whenever I think of Rogue. However, I loved Meghan Black's portrayal of her in X-Men: Evolution, so she still stays around the top of the list next to Lenore. Both were excellent voice actresses, and both did an amazing job with Rogue's character, so my love for them is fairly equal.
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Lenore Zann hands down! <3

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Lenore Zann!!!!

I really didnt even like any other portrayal of Rogue... She wasnt "gothic" she was always a southern belle

I read in their respective voices LOL

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lenore zann, no discussion

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