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#51 Posted by LoganRogue24 (1334 posts) - - Show Bio

are you talking about the 169 cover its Rogue.
#52 Posted by VampOrchid (37 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't know what issue is there because I can't see it. 
But yes I love cover to issue 169
#53 Posted by LoganRogue24 (1334 posts) - - Show Bio

issue 169 is my fav to iam thinking about trying to find another copy and frameing it.
#54 Posted by VampOrchid (37 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't even have 1 actual copy lol
#55 Posted by LoganRogue24 (1334 posts) - - Show Bio

why not you should get one.
#56 Posted by VampOrchid (37 posts) - - Show Bio

I might one day.
#57 Posted by LoganRogue24 (1334 posts) - - Show Bio

issue 169 is my fav i love when Rogue and Logan kiss its hotter and feels more real then when Rogue kisses Gambit or when Logan kisses Jean.
#58 Edited by Degobunny (4 posts) - - Show Bio
Honey Wolverine has gotten with practically every other woman in the Marvel. He has a worse track record then Remy, of coarse remy is cheating skank so he ultimately worse. Rogue should not be with Wolverine or Gambit. She should be with Iceman.
#59 Posted by AngelFrost (2850 posts) - - Show Bio
Rogue <3 Magneto ... ftw.
#60 Posted by why so serious (1379 posts) - - Show Bio

movie rogue is the hottest most submissve girl i have ever seen

#61 Posted by foxglove (80 posts) - - Show Bio

I feel like I remember there being the implication that Wolverine did have a small crush on Rogue somewhere in the X-Treme books. Maybe around the time Mystique showed up as Foxx to seduce Gambit? Maybe I'll hunt it down.  In the meantime here's that kiss from #169, when they were under the influence of 'the craziness'....

#62 Posted by why so serious (1379 posts) - - Show Bio

god now i wanna punch logan in the face lol

#63 Posted by mistrx75 (209 posts) - - Show Bio

Ever since the movie, the mentor thing had made more sense for me.  So no, not this.

#64 Posted by ORogueO (100 posts) - - Show Bio
hay hes 5'2" dont insult wolvie hes hot
#65 Posted by Demonturtle (573 posts) - - Show Bio

They might not to bad for each other (major trust issues etc..) but the thing that would kill Rouge the most is how Wolverine dissapears all the time!
#66 Posted by RedHood16 (59 posts) - - Show Bio
@foxglove: what comic is this from?
#67 Posted by foxglove (80 posts) - - Show Bio

Somewhere in the X-men arc 'Bizzare Love Triange' (#171-174).

#68 Posted by arie_10 (1 posts) - - Show Bio

technically wolverine is too old for everyone so I think they should be doin it, they'd be good together

#69 Posted by Trapaceira (59 posts) - - Show Bio
@Kastiel:  Ele  é velho pra qualquer mulher!!!
#70 Posted by boob (399 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't know. She has never been afraid to stand up to him, something many of the others have not done. He does need someone to put him in his place, and he has done the same with her.  
They do some what  visually look good together. But something just doesn't click. Don't know what.

#71 Posted by LoganRogue24 (1334 posts) - - Show Bio

i think they can work but iam biassed cause i like the pairing.

#72 Edited by AerynsFallen (1 posts) - - Show Bio

I've read both the comics and seen the movies. I love this pairing but in the comics there is so little to support it. #169 was awesome and it was just a teaser. That's why I enjoy fanfiction so much. They may never have a relationship in the comics but it's always nice to hope for a miracle. Remy and Rogue just never seemed to be a clear fit. I mean, how many times do you need to break it off with someone until you figure out that maybe you shouldn't get back together with them? Course fans of the pairing will insist that they get back together because they belong together. Meh...either way I'll ship Wolverine/Rogue until the end and continue to hope for the possibility in the comics.

Btw...anyone else excited for Days of Future Past? Wolverine and Rogue back on the big screen...I wonder if the dynamic and chemistry between the actors/characters will remain the same?

#73 Posted by LoganRogue24 (1334 posts) - - Show Bio

@aerynsfallen: i hope singer pairs them in days of furture past we will see i guess. i just want them to give them a chance idk why they only tease at it sometimes.

#74 Edited by nightwing737 (1282 posts) - - Show Bio

I like them together. It is better than Gambit and way better than Magneto.

#75 Posted by LoganRogue24 (1334 posts) - - Show Bio

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