Whose side will she take....

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Just saw that Magneto is siding with Cyclops and Gambit is siding with Wolverine. They are making a big deal of Rogue picking. I think that she is going to take Wolverine, not because of Gambit (although a bonus in my eyes) but she has a better relationship with Wolverine, a better understanding. Cyclops and her have never been close that I have noticed, plus with his demoting her and taking her away from Hope's team, not steady groundwork for her to follow him.

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Seeing as she's still heading up X-Men: Legacy which has a 'gold' logo, and is pictured right next to Wolverine & The X-Men in the promo material... then I'm guessing she finally leaves Utopia. 
About time too as Cyclops seems to have trust problems with Rogue.  Their reltionship has been tense for years, while she's always shared a stronger bond with Wolverine.

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@xerox_kitty: Thanks, I didn't see that one. Just saw the them make a big deal about her picking a side. But I figured she'd go to Wolverine side

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i think she will pick Logan cause they have a bond plus Logan and Gambit are the two men i think she cares for the most in my opion.

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I think that she will choose neither team and will have only a loose association with Wolverines team. Rogue is rich from Destiny's inheritance and she can afford her own base of operations. 
The only reason she is shown with wolverines team is that both teams needes to have a balance of books between both sides. So I think for the most part she and her team will be apart from most of the X-men.
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Wolverine's side seems to have way more members because of all 3 dozen members of x-factor though.

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I hope she does go with Logan@xerox_kitty: This hands down

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