Which otherworldly counterpart of Rogue deserves her powers?

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Which counterpart of Rogue from another universe is worthy of having her life force draining powers?  
Tigress from Kung Fu Panda? 
Asuka Kazama from Tekken? 
Chun-Li from Street Fighter? 
Renamon from Digimon?  
Pixie from the Monster Rancher Anime? 
Blackarachnia from Beast Wars Transformers? 
Vitani from The Lion King 2?  
Huntress from DC Comics?  
Hermione Granger from Harry Potter? 
Colleen from Road Rovers?   
Or is there another counterpart of Rogue from another world you think would use her mutant powers the best if she had it?
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how are these rogue's counterparts?
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They are all tough, feisty femme fatales who either have had a hard life one way or the other, or who are as likable and attractive as they are tough and formidable. Or, in some cases, both. That is how they are Rogue's counterparts. Sure, they don't have the same powers she does, but they're the closest thing to Rogue in their respective franchises. In Pixie's case, she can fly like Rogue can, and in Renamon's case, she can absorb the powers of opponents. And the likes of Blackarachnia and Vitani? They used to be villains but then turned to the good side, though they still are quite hard headed and such. Just like Anna Marie was once one of the Brotherhood, but then became a veteran X-Woman.
I hope this explains it, Avenging-X-Bolt.
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Wow, I see you migrated from CBR.  XD

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