What happens if rogue touches a superhuman non-mutant?

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If rogue were to grab the skin of someone who has superpowers, but not through mutation, what happens? Have marvel ever discussed this?

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She's absorbed lots of non-mutants. She permanently absorbed Carol Danvers' powers (Rogue developed a secondary personality, based on the memories she had absorbed from her). Rogue's also absorbed Hulk, Thor, Human Torch, but without side-effects.

However, after absorbing a Skrull, she developed the ability to recall past absorptions, allowing her manifest the powers of people, that she's absorbed in the past.

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She doesn't absorb powers she absorbs what makes a person who they are, if she touches a human, she gains their memories and I guess abilities, strength speed basketball skills etc, so if she touched iron man I'd imagine she would gain his intellect... Etc

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She also gets diarrhea or heartburn.

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