Rogues love life

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dose anyone think Rogue has the crappiest love life i mean her taste in boyfriends suck. i mean Gambit was ok in the beginning but come on the Gambit Rogue thing never goes anywere. Colossus Rogue was good but that did not last long. her and Magneto Joseph was ok to. her and Iceman sucked to childish for me. it seems the only guy she has not been with is Wolverine i never understood why i mean they are so cool together in my opion.
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She didn't feel the same way about Iceman though, did she?  I remember she hit the road and he went with her to make sure she was safe, but she never showed any signs of interest. 
Magneto and Gambit aren't the greatest guys to be interested in, but who else has she been interested in?  

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She wasnt interested in Iceman, they are just very good friends. She has a "crapy" love life because she really hasnt had one due to her powers. Perhaps Gambit and Magneto are the best men to date, but for the most part, I think they would have ended up treating her well, considering both of their personalities, however, writers want drama and you cant be in a happily committed relationship to have that with Rogue. lol

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Rogue and Cyclops !!
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x-23 you silly girl lol.
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i dont think so scott belongs to emma frost and unless rogue wants her mind turned into jelly i sug. she stick with gambit ;)
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The Rogue-Magneto thing never made any sense to me at all. Yes, he would have treated her civilaly, but they have zero in common. Just what would they talk about?

“Darling, have you seen the latest issue of Zsotologia E Genetica laying about anywhere?”

“Th’ whut an th’ who?”

*sigh* “Never mind.”

“Babe? Ya’ll seen my Bon Jovi CD?”
It was a lovely little "moment o'lust" in Uncanny #274, but that all it should have been. Lobdell made waaaay to much of it and tried to force the two characters together twice, both times drastically altering who the character were in order ot make it work. In AoA Rogue was clearly Magneto's subordinate, putting up with any ruling he made both professionally and personally. (Note she spent most of the crossover out of his presence, and then drifted off to become a housewife in the second AoA series) . With Joseph Lodell switched places, making Magneto into the spineless one to the point it was just painful to read. 
If you have to alter a character that badly in order to tie them to the hip of another character, the pairing just does not work. 
Plus in constantly dealing with Rogue's romantic drama, Lobdell turned her into a co-dependant little trainwreck of the character that it took Mike Craey devoting 6 monhts of a series just to rehabilitate her.
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I always liked the Rogue/Magneto relationship from AoA myself. However I hated her attachment to Joseph. Gambit and Rogue need to marry or the Marvel U needs to split them up permanently.

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hmm !! ima huge rogue fan and i think she should give a couple people a taste of her goodies ehhhhh!!!:) 1> cannonball i dont know i just thought they had good chemostry when he was on her team 2. iceman i know but i think everyone is jus basing a realationship between the two on the movie i mean the characters in the movie ar totally diffirent then the comic book universe i mean ice-man daddy already thought they were goin out back in the day and the have a good friend ship
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Rogue's love life?well let's face it when the words 'Rogue' and ':love" are in the same sentence Gambit is the first one everyone thinks about

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i think that gambit and rogue are jus perfect ! ! ! ! <3
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another Rogue fan,,!!i really like you guys :D
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@LauraX23 said:
Rogue and Cyclops !! "
Has that ever happened?
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rogue and iceman FTW!!!
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I love Rogue and Gambit, but I would like to see how Rogue and Pyro would play out.
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Rogue should look out of X-men if she's serious about develloping an actual love life.  
And cyclops has long proven he doesn't deserve the love of any woman, loser...

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Am I the only one who feels Rogue and Logan would just be plain wrong? o.o They've always seemed to have more of a close friendship/father daughter relationship to me. It would just be weird if they hooked up. o.o I personally think Rogue and Gambit make the best couple I even like the on and off thing it makes sense if you think about  their personalities and Rogue's powers. It would be a difficult thing to keep going.
Not going to lie though I'm still dreaming of some sort of lesbian story line for her. :P I doubt it'll ever happen, but a girl can dream.

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It'll always be Rogue and Gambit to me.
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It would be different if Rogue ended with Cyclops.

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X-Men Legacy 234 makes clear that she is crazy by Gambit.

And so it should be.
 Roge and Gambit.  :)

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X-23 would be consider a sister relationship. Besides if Rogue was to consider trying out ladies she would try cerebra the formerly known as Cerebro. Her draining power doesn’t work on robots, right. I think Cerebra is have more of relationship with Beast but who knows.  Rogue aborbing alot of powers and memorys she may have also stealed desires .

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Can You Not Feel The Awesome?
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@Crom-Cruach said:
"Rogue should look out of X-men if she's serious about develloping an actual love life.    And cyclops has long proven he doesn't deserve the love of any woman, loser..."

Hell Yes!   
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@Avenging-X-Bolt: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
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@Trapaceira said:

@Avenging-X-Bolt: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

i know its fanboyish but..........i want it.

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I always liked this pic.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt: eu também, cara
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Rogue better watch out for these two guys, and She Hulk, you can never tell what might happen if they are around!

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@Trapaceira said:

@Avenging-X-Bolt: eu também, cara

i have no idea what that means

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maybe havok would be a good choice for her since they are both on the same team right now

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I ship Rogue and Black Widow. :P

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I love Rogue and Gambits relationship.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

@Trapaceira said:

@Avenging-X-Bolt: eu também, cara

i have no idea what that means

This is really, really late, lol - but the user said "Me too".

As for Rogue's love-life -- none for now please. Like, seriously.

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Honestly, I'd like to see Rogue end up with Remy. It's just been... I've liked their pairing since it first began evolving. Now... do I see this happening -now-? No.

Like lykopis says above- none for now. Thing is, Rogue needs some time to solidify herself alone, as opposed to jumping into another relationship. Yeah, so she had the Magneto fling recently (*gag*), but let her get past that.

Remy gave her the truth: he's home for her when she is ready to truly make it happen. He's already prepared. It's just on her. Give it a year, maybe two, then go for it. Similar to how I feel about Hellion and Laura (though for different reasons).

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Gosto de Rogue com Capitão America ou Rogue e Thor, Rogue e Frandal, Rogue e Scott, Rogue e Homem- Aranha ou Rogue e Wolverine. Gosto dessas combinações doidas.

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Rogue's changed quite a bit since then but I think Remy's more than able to complement her.

AoA Magneto looked good w/ her (like Pietro + Ororo) but 616 Mags has too much "red" on him for someone who's reformed as effectively as she has.

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