Rogue imortal

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if Rogue were to absorb a god would she be imortal or if she absorbed some of Logans healing would she be imortal.
#2 Posted by leigh_rogue888 (137 posts) - - Show Bio

Nope, temporary.  She absorbed Ares and it only lasted a little bit.  She has absorbed Logan's healing powers and even his claws at one point but all have faded away.  My guess is she would have to do what she did with Ms. Marvel and hold onto the point of death or almost death in Ms. Marvel's case.

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thanks i agree i doubt she would hurt Logan like that there best friends.
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She had absorbed enough of Logan's powers in the past that she had her own bone claws. Thankfully that's no longer the case (and seems to be forgotten about, continuity wise).  However, like Leigh said, so far everything has only been temporary. 
Perosnally, I'm looking forward to how Rogue & Hope interact.

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Logan was one of the first people to willingly give Rogue permission to absorb. One of the reasons they are good friends, that's trust for you. I to would like to see what happens with Hope and Rogue, plus the upcoming return of Selene with Wither. 

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 would have to do what he did with ms marvel, but my theory is, perhaps* in future years *  may do the same thing to in xtreme xmen, use the powers to be playing in the years to come, is the most logical evolution of his power, for me is the final feature of its long-term mutation.

may eventually use all these powers, even in extreme situations, one must have patience
 ultra xtreme xmen rogue returns please

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@gambit18: Rogue has the potential to be a GODDESS!
#8 Posted by emrysgood (3 posts) - - Show Bio

@info nation: I agree. The potential is there, but will Marvel allow it to grow to that point? That is the question. With the way they are currently throwing the X-men titles under the bus I dont see it coming anytime soon.

#9 Posted by jhazzroucher (20181 posts) - - Show Bio

No she won't.

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