Magneto's Floozy

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Okay Rogue can't touch anyone and everyone knows that. She finally gets control and she end up spending time with Magneto and breaks up with him later. All of the sudden she is now labeled as Magneto's floozy, but and it does not stop there.

Now that she has been benched on the Uncanny Avengers team for killing someone on live television they want her to track down Magneto while she is not in the spotlight. I find this funny that it is after Alex making a speech about wanting to be up front about everything. She is benched but given a dirty job to take care of so their hands are clean. Followed by the comment from Scarlet Witch "who better to track down my father than one of his floozies." Not sure how I felt about Rogue and Magneto's brief relationship but I don't fell like her character would turn on Magneto like that. I would like to think her character would have some loyalty issues, but on the other hand in her complicated love life she tracked down Gambit to bail him out, in his series. Where is she going?

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That book has more than a few troubling mis-characterizations. Rogue has been one-note combative for very little reason since the first scenes of the book, Wanda has had a complete personality transplant and now cops mad attitude that would make Emma Frost pause, Wasp is suddenly throwing herself at the male lead with little explanation, Wolverine is silent on the topic of the fate of mutant-kind (isn't he supposed to be the new spokesperson?), Cap is obsequiously deferential to Havok, and Havok has apparently completely abandoned identity based politics in favor of some sort of color-blind solution to mutantdom.

I wouldn't sweat it.

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I don't usually step outside of x-men area too often but I was looking forward to this series and seeing how everyone interacts after AvX. Don't know what avengers usual character personalities are but I was disappointed, Wasp did mention how it seemed so high school and it came off that way. I will try to keep an open mind to other stories titles.

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