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did she lose ms marvel's powers already?

does she have a better control over her powers now?

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i think she just has her touch powers but iam not sure sinse i do not read x-men that much anymore even though i love Rogue to death.

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@darthphoenix: I think she now has mastered her touch powers at will.

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She hasn't had Ms. Marvel's powers for years... it's almost been a decade I believe. She can control her powers in a variety of ways now, but I guess most importantly they are not always on anymore. As in she can touch people without anything happening. She gained this control in X-men Legacy #224 I think, which was a few years ago. I hope that answers your questions.

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I wonder if she's lost her ability to control her powers now that Charles is dead. I mean, he was the one who shut it off psychically, but does the psychic shunt stick or did it wear off once he died?

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Actually, Charles didn't "shut it off." It's been awhile since I read the issue, but if I remember correctly the way he put it, she was never able to truly mature her powers because they were trapped in the nascent stage due to the initial trauma she suffered from her first use of it. He was able to clear the psychic residue holding her back, so she was able to develop her powers into the stable and controllable stage it is currently in. Something like that.

In any case, she has shown that she can still control her powers in Uncanny Avengers after Charles' death.


Specifically, in Uncanny Avengers #5, she kisses Havoc without absorbing him and she is even able to absorb Wonder Man without harming him, which she couldn't do before, demonstrating that she has even more control over her powers.


So... yeah she can still control her powers.

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