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A story of love, loss... and vengeance!

Rogue and Cody once shared a bond akin to love that could never be broken. Never, that is, until the moment when a stolen kiss changed both of their young lives forever, leaving Cody in a coma and Rogue alone, cursed by uncontrollable, life-absorbing mutant powers, forever denied the warmth of another's touch...

Gambit and Bella Donna once shared a bond greater than love that should never have been broken. Never, that is, until the day when Gambit was exiled from New Orleans, leaving Bella Donna without the man she loved and Gambit haunted by feelings for a woman he can love, but can never touch...

Now, as Cody's life hangs in the balance, Bella Donna plots her revenge for the injustices done to her heart by her former love's newfound paramour. And with the evil of the immortal Candra waiting in the wings to tip the scales in her own favor, Rogue must choose between the boy she once loved and the man she can never have...

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