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Character History

Roger Price is the husband of Jane Price. He is a Red Cross worker, and he and his wife help at the birth of the Starchild, the child of Ken Connell (the original Star Brand) and Debbie the Duck.

After Connell destroys Pittsburgh, the Prices live in a base run by the military. Returning later, the Starchild killed Roger after a misunderstanding with him and Jane. However, it didn't really understand the meaning of death. Soon afterwards, the Starchild resurrected Roger and remade him so he was now physically "perfect." He gave Roger some of the power of the Star Brand, although Roger didn't really realize he had it.

The Starchild then removed death from humanity altogether. Jane and Roger convince him to reverse this decision, which he does. Later, the Starchild brings (almost) all the wielders of the Star Brand together and removes their powers, so that he can seal the power away from humanity so it can do no more harm. Roger returns to being a normal person.

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