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When a woman named Pam Daly was driving recklessly down Route 666 she ran over a man and a cat, killing them, but out of fear of imprisonment she didn't stop. Later becoming a TV producer she created the characters of Roadkill and Splat the Cat, who acted as horror movie hosts in a low budget late night show. Her real victims souls manifested in real life, taking on very real forms as Roadkill and Splat, and began killing truckers on route 666 in a big rig surrounded in Hellfire. The Defenders, consisting of Dr. Strange, Punisher, Namorita, and Sleepwalker took on Roadkill, during the battle Namorita nearly died, and had it not been for Sleepwalker's reluctant return to the battle the group would have lost.


Roadkill was created by Roy Thomas and Andre Coates in 1993 and first appeared in The Secret Defenders 4.

Roadkill later appears in a non-marvel 1-shot titled simply Roadkill, his origin remains completely unchanged.

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