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Riful was fomerly a number 1 ranked Claymore but eventually became powerful and Awakened. She became so powerful she was known as a Creature of the Abyss. She ruled and lived in the west with her lover Dauf. They were first seeen when trying to recruit Claymores into awakening them and helped them fight against Isley. She would lure them into towns with yoma and capture them and force them to awaken and she if they were strong. If there were not dauf kills them. Eventually Clare figures out their trap and heads to their castle. She then runs into Dauf and Riful she starts to fight him until Galatea arrives and takes over while she saves the reamaining Claymore's. After saving Jeane they there of them team up and try to take out Dauf. Riful takes great interest in watching them battle making her eager to join her. She tells dauf to hurry up and make them awake or else she will dump him. Doing what she says he continues to attack them until they find his weak spot and finish him. But Riful steps in and saves her lover. Clare tries to strike only to ser spit in half and reveal her awaken form. She then tells care who rules the north (Due to asking her about Priscilla). She then takes Dauf and leaves. She is seen later when Isleys hordes start marching towards the west.

Seven Years Later

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Riful has survived her battle with Isley and Priscilla and has been trying to figure out a way to defeat them both. She then tries again to recruit some of the new Claymors with certain talents. But again Clare interupts her plans. After their battle Clare asked her about the balance of power between the Abysal ones. She replied that Priscilla is far stronger than Isley and that there was something amiss between them. She then leaves.

Riful then set her sights on a Claymore named Renee. After Renee encountered Raki, and Priscilla, Riful came out of nowhere and captured her.

Powers and Abilities

Riful's Awakened Form.
Riful's Awakened Form.

As an Abyssal One Riful has an very vast amount of Yoki giving her superhuman strength,durability speed and regeneration. Riful has been able to run a vast distance in a short amount of time (presumably a second) she has moved faster then even Clare,Galatea and Jean to see. Riful has also been able to easily carry and awakened Dauf and also make massive craters meters wide with her strength. Riful massive regeneration powers has been able to regenerate virtually every part of her body including her head,arms, and legs. Riful is durable enough to take blows from high ranking Claymore's with out injury.

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