His greatest riddle, or the wordt mistake of his life?

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The riddler proved that even an old gimmick villan like him could still bring pain to a hero even as formidablle as Batman. The Riddler used everything that he had come to learn about Batman and Bruce Wayne to discover that they were one and the same. The Riddler then took the knowledge that he had about other villans that he had contact with at Arkham and unleashed hell on Batman's life. The Riddler's plan retooled several of the villans, such as Poison Ivy and Killer Croc, by giving them new tactics and targets so that they could best confuse and mislead Batman. The Riddler's plan was a success in that he had completely confused and distracted Batman from discovering his own secret. Of course the Riddler's discovery of Batman's true identity did him little good since no one would believe a mad man's ranting. The Riddler's greatest folly was that he haad gone as far as to involve Ra's Al Ghul in the scheme by leaving evidence that he had been involved in bringing about HUSH. The Riddler had even gone as far as defiling a Lazarus Pit and marking himself as a target for the League of Assassins.
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