Favorite versions of the Riddler

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Many of people who like a character usually have a favorite version of this character. What apearence of the Riddler do you most like? Why do you like it? (If you have/can find a pic, please include so we can all see and comment, thanks that would be appreciated).

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@dementedtheclown: really that is what you are going for? That form of one of the riddler? That is your Favorite? really?
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How he is portrayed in Hush, nuff said.

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@Crom-Cruach: yeah. That was cool. Personal favorite.
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I liked Frank Gorshin's villainous Riddler the most personally. I felt that Riddler was very cunning & out of his mind. That version inspired many versions of the Riddler (Challenge of the SuperFriends, the Batman/Superman Hour, the comics). It was Frank's idea to have him also wear a suit & bowler aside from the green tights, which inspired how BTAS Riddler & 'Hush' Riddler looked, also favorites of mine. I basically like him as a confident, clever, insane villain who challenges & plays sinister mind games with Batman & is obsessed with committing crimes. Paul Dini's 'reformed' E.Nigma is just okay and was somewhat amusing, but the best Riddler stories are when he concocts bizarre elaborate dangerous schemes & forces Batman to be more detective than knight.

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The best version of the Riddler was in my opinion, is is that seen in Legends of the Dark Knight 185-189.     
then we continued with that version in Green arrow 50, but obviously  was dismissed this renovation of the character.  
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@Mr_riddler: That is indeed a very good Riddler. Too bad we never saw that version again. At least he gave Green Arrow a good beating.     

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