Was that...

#1 Posted by Venom-Hulker_1 (1669 posts) - - Show Bio

Was that Rick Jones that turned into A-Bomb in Red Hulk# 1?

#2 Posted by Last_Guardian (30259 posts) - - Show Bio

yep..Rick Jones it was

#3 Posted by Venom-Hulker_1 (1669 posts) - - Show Bio

Hang on Does He transform whenever or just get angry or like changes during the day what is it?

#4 Posted by info nation (867 posts) - - Show Bio
@Venom-Hulker_1: No idea, but according to the Kree Supreme intelligence Rick Jones has vast potential for psionic power but so does every OTHER human! (Of course, I don't really trust the Supreme intelligence, so as far as I'm concerned he could always be LYING.) so for all I know Rick just WILLS himself to become A-Bomb now that his powers have reached their peak!

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