is abomb one of the best new heros marvel has produced in 10 yrs.

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abomb has potential.   he should be fighting characters like sandman, rhino, bibeast.  he has the power and as rick being trained by cap he has the fighting skills to hold his own with anyone.

what will happen to abomb, did marvel use him for a storyline and are they going to throw him away?  older hulk villians who we havn't seen in 35 years are prime candidates for abomb.

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A-Bomb isn't a new character. He's an old character that got an upgrade. Same for Rulk. Skaar is an example of a new character.

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I don't really know (or have read about) that many new characters, but I think that Penance was pretty well designed... just because he seems to be more original than a large number of other characters have been.

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