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Founding Sunnydale
Founding Sunnydale
Richard Wilkins better known as the Mayor of Sunnydale was far more than that. Wilkins was in fact much older than he seemed and really started Sunnydale during the 1800s. Wilkins was there because he had found the Hellmouth and there he found the many many evil demons under it. After making a pact with the demons he gave up his soul but then gained immortality and longevity (although he could still be killed). For years he would say that he was Richard Wilkins the second and the first so people would think he was just his own son and not immortal. 

Despite being a evil person Richard was a very cheery person who didn't even use curse words and was a very clean person who talked people down when they didn't wash their hands enough.He had a wife in 1903 but as to be expected she did not stay young while he did. In her old age she began to suffer from senility and because of it she began to hate Richard because he would not age but she would and then die.

Buffy and the Scoobies
Buffy and the Scoobies
Later Buffy Summers would be chosen as the vampire slayer and became active in Sunnydale. In a few years the two began to go against each other because Richard had a deep and dark plan that he started along time ago. Soon he started working with vampires and trying to get rid of Buffy. 

He would often do things like tricking the women of Sunnydale to try and kill people who where thought to be witches.Later the slayer Faith came on the scene. After Faith who had become increasingly unstable killed his assistant mayor and then the vampire Trick she joined his scheme. He would also sit back and watch as the dangers Buffy got in almost killed her and sometimes try to make them worse.

Big bad Slayer
Big bad Slayer
Later Richard got possession of a box that was necessary for his plan. It was revealed that his goal is to ascend into a Old One called Olvikan a powerful demon. He ate a number of spiders that where in the box and that was the start of the ritual. It gave him invulnerability and along with his immortality  he would not be stopped by Buffy, but there was a bright side. The invulnerability would only last for a hundred days but this wasn't so bright because at the end of that time he would Ascend into Olvikan. 

However his relationship was Faith was not just that of employee employer but he loved her like his own daughter something he never had. He even got her a new home out of the old motel she was in and a new knife. After Faith poisoned Angel Buffy fought her and stabbed her in the stomach with her own knife. This caused her to go into a coma and he wanted to kill Buffy worse than before. Soon at Buffy's highschool graduation the Mayor ascended.

He transformed in the middle of the award ceremony and started to attack the people there( even killing the school principal who had been trouble for Buffy from the beginning). However Buffy was ready and had turned the school population into an army against the Mayor and the army of vampires that he had fighting him due to an eclipse apart of the ritual. Buffy was able to get the Mayor's attention by showing him the knife she used on Faith and he followed her into the school. She got him to the library where she had wired with explosives and he was blown up by the incredible force.

After some time however the Mayor began to exist as a ghost and over time began to ruin Buffy's life again. He existed in the body of animals demons and vampires and was even responsible for the damage done to Adam when he was human. Finally however Buffy made he Mayor move on but she didn't even know that it was his ghost she was fighting.


The Mayor was very skilled in magic and dark arts and have many magical items in his possession. He had been given eternal life by demons hundreds of years ago but he could still be killed. However once he performed a ritual to start his transformation into Olvikan he was now unable to be killed and this would last for a 100 days until he changed into Olvikan and once that happened he gained the beings large snake like body and size, meaning he had the beasts strength fangs and durability bt the downside was he was no longer protected the the spells and even though unlikely he could be killed. After becoming a ghost he could take over the bodies of any being he chose but eventually he lost this power when he moved on.

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