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Captain Richard Parker began his career in the United States Army Special Forces. He would eventually be recruited to the CIA by Nick Fury. While working for the CIA, he met Mary Fitzpatrick and the two of them fell in love with each other. Mary would begin working on-field assignments to work with Richard, while using the cover that they were just a married couple. On one particular mission, the couple was sent to investigate Baroness Adelicia Von Krupp, who had captured a Canadian ally named Logan. Richard and Mary would be successful in rescuing Logan from the Baroness. Shortly afterwords, they learned that Mary was pregnant, and was congratulated by Logan. After Peter was born, Richard and Mary continued their careers as secret agents. This forced them to leave Peter in the care of Ben Parker and his wife May Parker. They went on a mission to infiltrate the third Red Skull's hideout, posing as traitors to the United States but were actually double agents. However, their cover was blown and an assassin named Finisher was sent to kill them. He sabotages their airplane and caused it to crash, killing both Mary and Richard. 

Other Versions 

Ultimate Universe 

Ray and May Parker
Ray and May Parker
In the Ultimateverse his name is Ray Parker and he is younger than his brother Ben. In this timeline Ray worked with Eddie Brock's dad and created a bio-suit designed to cure cancer and other diseases. The suit never reached its last phase and was left as an unfinished project. Later on that same suit became the symbiote known as Venom
Ray Parker was a known and respected biologist and his work on the field was more advanced than even that of Tony Stark and Reed Richards

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