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Richard fenster first appeared driving Hercules to the UCLA campus to deliver a lecture on the genealogies of the Olympian Gods that Fenster had booked him for. While in transit to the campus Hercules and Fenster a raging forest fire along the Pacific Coast Highway. The fire was on the verge of getting out of control so Hercules immediately leapt into the fire and rescued the fire-fighters and then uprooted a giant redwood to use against the encroaching flames. Used the giant redwood to beat back the flames and then he made a firewall of scorched ground and the giant redwood to isolate and contain the fire to end the danger.

Hercules and Fenster continued toward their destination but were soon attacked by Typhon the mortal enemy of all Olympians, causing Fenster to take evasive action and accidently drive off the road. Hercules managed to grab Fenster and leap free of the car as it plummeted to it's fiery destruction. The suddeness and shock of the attack rendered Fenster unconscious so Hercules left him safely along the cliff between the ocean and the highway and proceeded to confront and engage Typhon.

Hercules battled Typhon and his ally; Cylla , the Witch of Delphos while Fenster regained consciousness. Seeing Hercules holding his own against his two assailants, but doubting whether the Lion of Olympus could win or not, Fenster snuck up on Cylla, striking her on the head with a stick and removing her from the fight.. Without Cylla to help him, it was up to Typhon to defeat Hercules alone. The two behemoths battled fiercely until Hercules finally won when Typhon yeilded and conceded defeat. Fenster's oportunistic eye saw a chance to put Typhon on the lecture circuit alongside Hercules, but Hercules quickly squelched any such thoughts reminding Fenster that Typhon must be returned to Hades by decree of Zeus.

Richard Fenster helping Hercules prepare his lecture.
Richard Fenster helping Hercules prepare his lecture.

The first of Hercules' lectures Fenster had scheduled at U.C.L.A. was about to start when the entire campus was suddenly overrun with mutates from Hades, harpies and Amazons sent by Pluto, Ares and Hippolyta to capture Hercules and Venus, the Goddess of Love. Fortunately, several super-powered heroes were there to meet these and even more threats brought from the Olympian realm. These heroes were Black Widow, Angel, Iceman and the Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) along with Hercules and Venus. The heroes banded together and used their various powers, skills and abilities to protect the civilians at the campus and defeat the forces of Pluto, Ares and Hippolyta. Confident from their victory over the rogue Olympians, the impromptu group recognized societies need for heroes and decided to stay together as the Champions.

Fenster's new job as the Champions' business manager heavily involved public relations work and also put him in harms way against several of the teams foes including; Rampage, Titanium Man, Crimson Dynamo, Griffin not to mention the Champions' previous foes he'd encountered. Unfortunately for Richard Fenster the powers that be at U.C.L.A. determined that he was in some way responsible for the carnage wrought by the rogue Olympians due to him bringing Hercules to the campus and fired him. Fenster was lamenting his situation when the Angel and Iceman happened along and, having heard he'd been fired, offered him a job as the business manager for "Champions, Inc." Fenster immediatley accepted and soon began planning ways to publicly promote the team.

Fenster organized a highly publicized gala red-carpet event to officially announce the formation and purpose of the Champions. The gala got off to a rocky start when only two (Hercules and Angel, along with Fenster) of the five Champions members attended the event. Things quickly got worse as the event dissolved into chaos when the Titanium Man, Crimson Dynamo and the Griffin attacked. The heroes acted reflexively, meeting the villains' attack in kind. Fenster even got into the act when he attacked a momentarily stunned Crimson Dynamo with a chair (though to no effect). After this incident Fenster managed avoid further danger in performance of his duties with Champions, Inc.

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