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Zero #7 - Chapter 7: Kali Yuga Review


You will not believe what happens here. Ales Kot continues to blow us away.

The Good

Ales Kot’s ZERO isn’t your typical comic book. It’s not your typical spy comic either. Throughout the series, we’ve seen the main character, Edward Zero, during various moments and missions in his life. He hasn’t had an easy life and you have to wonder what the heck gives him the drive to continue.

On a mission with Roman Zizek, his handler, we see another moment for Zero to get into the role he was molded for his entire life. The mission involves questionable things and we don’t necessarily get all the answers nor do we need them. That’s part of the charm of the series, each issue stands alone while adding another piece to the bigger puzzle that is Zero’s life.

And I literally said, “Holy $#!%” when I got to the end.

Matt Taylor’s art fits the story nicely. Each issue/mission features a different artist chosen by Kot. Jordie Bellaire’s art is phenomenal as usual.

The Bad

No complaints here. This is such a dark and twisted story and it really packs a punch. You don’t see a lot of comic stories like this.

The Verdict

Have you been reading ZERO? If not, you owe it to yourself to pick up the first trade and last issue. Edward Zero is a strange and complicated character. As we see the different missions in his life, you never know what’s going to happen next. This issue’s ending is a prime example of that. Matt Taylor’s art fits this particular story nicely. He captures the mood and delivers the final scene perfectly. ZERO is the comic people should be talking about.

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Posted By InFamous_Wolf

Can't wait to pick this up on friday!!! :D

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Posted By manwithoutshame

Ales Kot is on fire!!

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Posted By iaconpoint

Damn my cold metal soul for not picking this up! I'll have to do some back issue hunting.

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Posted By ZbvmX

Ales Kot is on fire!!

Indeed. He's gonna burn the entire forest down :D

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Posted By J_HickmanIsGod

Ales Kot is on fire!!

you think his Iron Patriot run will be worth following?!

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Edited By manwithoutshame

@j_hickmanisgod: Possibly, I've heard good things about Secret Avengers but haven't read any yet either...