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Zero #5 - Chapter 5: The Map and the Territory Review


Throughout the series we've been finding out more about Edward Zero. After the events of last issue, we get to catch our breath and find out even more.

The Good

ZERO has been a crazy ride of a series so far. Ales Kot has been delivering different chapters in the life of agent Edward Zero. We've seen Zero raised from a child and molded into becoming the killer for the agency. Of course it's all a lot more complicated than simply going on missions and accomplishing a certain task. With last issues brutal fight, it's hard to say what's left for Zero.

And we know there's still more left to Zero's story. The fascinating thing about this series is Kot's decision to pull back on the straightforward continuity with a string of separate stories or 'missions.' Each issue featured a different artist but there has been some consistency with Jordie Bellaire's colors and Clayton Cowles' letters to give it a uniform feel despite the differences in art styles.

The action slows down quite a bit but after the intense fight last issue, it makes sense and allows us to see what happens afterwards. Will Tempest's style captures the slowed down pace and Bellaire's colors complement the pacing by adding in more muted colors. This all gives you a sense of the vibe going on. It's not a happy time. You'll almost feel a slight weight in the pit of your stomach as you read each page.

The Bad

I sometimes go back and forth about the 'gaps' between issues. It is a great way to tell the story but it does leave you wanting to know more. I'm still trying to get over what happened in issue #4.

I enjoyed the art for the story in this issue but there were moments the character expressions and looks were off a little.

The slowed down pace here is important, especially after last issue but it's almost like we've been spoiled with how insane the action gets.

The Verdict

ZERO continues to tell the story in a way only Ales Kot can. We've been seeing the story of Edward Zero unfold and having a different artist tackle each issue/mission. Kot shifts gears a little by easing back on the action as we find out more of Zero's status after the brutal events of the last issue. You'll find yourself pulled into the atmosphere of the story. There's no telling what Kot has planned next.