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X-O Manowar #11 - Planet Death, Part One Review


Planet Death begins! Aric makes his way to the Vine home-world to get some revenge.

The Good

Aric arrives on the vine home-world to extract revenge, but he finds that bringing the Shanhara home is going to involve a whole lot of killing in part one of Planet Death.

The first 6 pages of this issue are fantastic. We get a history of the Vine and the planet. Writer Robert Venditti puts together this wonderful, fairy-tale piece with some solid art from Cary Nord and great color work from Moose Baumann. These page layouts are brilliant. There's a great mixture of contemporary paneling with these fantastic stone borders with vines growing around them. It really adds to the storytelling and historical aspect here. In addition, it actually makes you feel for these creatures. Since issue #1, the reader has seen the Vine as this antagonist with no remorse. This opening gives the reader another side of the Vine: a side that, at one time, had it's own struggles with a creature called The Torment. However, everything seems to come full circle.

Do you like things blowing up and heads getting Paff'd? Then this is the issue for you! In all seriousness, this is the issue X-O MANOWAR fans have been waiting for, and it does not disappoint. We get to see the early beginnings of a one-man-war against the Vine. As soon as we see Aric, after he crashes on the Vine home-world, it's an all-out slaughterfest.

The last page of this issue is fantastic, and without spoiling anything, it changes Aric's game plan. While Aric wants to take revenge on the Vine and their planet, he may not be able to. He may even have to work with some of the members of the Vine to achieve his ultimate goal. The plot thickens in this issue for sure.

That Clayton Crain cover is amazing.

The Bad

Aside from the opening pages, I had a bit of a problem with the art. Originally, I thought it was with Cary Nord, but as I kept going through the issue, I realized the problem isn't with the penciling or inking. It's with the colors. The colors are actually pretty flat here, with overly-drastic light reflections. There's no in-between.

The Verdict

X-O MANOWAR #11 is awesome. I'm not going to spice it up with an over-the-top analogy this week. This is a book you should be reading because it's consistently great. While Aric finally has a chance to extract his revenge on the Vine, he finds out it's not that easy. Venditti keeps this book fresh, month after month, and the opening sequence is written and drawn beautifully. My only problem was that outside of that opening sequence borders, the colors felt very flat.

Overall, I highly recommend this issue and series.

Posted by jwalser3

I really gotta get back into this.

Posted by DonFelipe

About the bad art: The art was just fine in the last couple of issues but I do remember I had have the same problem with early issues of X-O - some pages were okay and other pages were just too dark, too matte, weird lights, just off.

Cover: The dark monster in the background of the Crain cover is brilliant... and the lights, too. Oh, I think you mentioned it. This cover is amazing. :)

Do you like things blowing up and heads getting Paff'd?

X-O Style - Hell yeah!

One can't do anything wrong when praising X-O Manowar and the new Valiant. It just gets better and better....

Great review!

Posted by ssj2DeadPool

I have no money right now, But I refuse to entertain the thought that this awesome company could die again, So im giving them my money for this.

To anyone on the fence about this, lets put it like this.

This book is awesome on its merits. They cant just put a picture of spiderman on the cover and sell 5 million copies. SO it actually has to be really good to move. And it is really good.


Posted by SavageDragon

Amazing cover.

Posted by Cavemold

loved this issue and the art for me was fine 5/5.