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Wonder Woman #11 - Son Rise Review


We are introduced to two characters in the latest issue of Wonder Woman's self-titled, ongoing series.

The Good

We haven't seen Apollo since the beginning of Azzarello's WONDER WOMAN series -- until now, that is. The character resurfaces and makes his first "real" appearance in the comic; and he's not there to help Diana. Apollo teams up with his sister, Artemis, to face Wonder Woman, Hermes and Lennox and things seem to take off according to Hera's plans. There are a lot of things that happen very quickly in this issue, and while that can sometimes be a good thing, here it feels like things progress a little bit too fast., but I'll get into that later.

I like the way the story opens. The reader will get the idea that things are much bigger than they seem and seeing Apollo and Artemis get involved in the main story as well as their relationship with Hera is important to the direction. These two have an important role in this issue, and they are at the forefront of all the action. The thing is, these two are much stronger than Diana, as you'll see pretty early on.

I really loved Cliff Chiang's art (as usual). I always enjoy seeing him on a book and I think he makes reading this series a fantastic experience. I love the way that he draws action and emotion.

The Bad

I mentioned that things move pretty quickly, and while that's good for some books, it feels as though the pacing may have been a little bit too fast in this issue. If you read it then you might know what I am referring to. This issue feature a fight between Hermes, Wonder Woman and Lennox and it ends very quickly. At the end of the issue, our heroes confront the pair once again. What bugged me is the fact that Hermes and Diana seemed to be down and out one minute, and the next they're fine and ready for another fight. It all just felt very rushed and as if the writer really needed to push the story to the next level.

The Verdict

Like I said, it's always a pleasure to see Cliff Chiang grace WONDER WOMAN with his incredible skill and talent. I think , by far, he's one of my absolute favorite artists and I find that his style is perfect for this series. I loved seeing Apollo make his return (as well as his demands) in the latest issue, but I did think there were some flaws with this book. I mentioned I found that the pacing was too fast, and that's a problem; particularly if you want to convey a strong fight scene. Even all powerful characters need a moment to recover. Although this was not the strongest issue in this series, it still ends on a cliff hanger that left me wanting more.