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Venom #33 - Monsters Anonymous Review


Flash continues his life in Philly, unaware he's being hunted by Toxin.

The Good

This issue boils down to what’s essentially one big brawl with the creature (aka Slayback’s brother) we met in the previous issue, and if you know me well, that means you know I was immediately drawn into this one. I can’t help it, I love me some crazy action and writer Cullen Bunn's latest chapter absolutely delivers. It kicks offs with a set of seriously awesome panels as the two clash, bringing us face first with the elements that make these two beings so horrific. Rigid and sharp teeth, huge claws, terrible skin conditions... it's stuff that would bring a smile to any horror fan's face. We're then pushed back to witness a full view of the fight and it's a brutal delight as these two go head-to-head.

It goes without saying this entire experience would be nothing without Declan Shalvey's pencils. I do have some gripes with his style (for example, people have zero detail at a distance... just blank faces), but his style is an exceptional fit for VENOM's dark and tragic atmosphere. His method manages to make a few scenes appropriately appalling (i.e. the incident at the vet's office) and this man is unparalleled when it comes to making symbiotes every bit as frightening as they should be.

This issue isn't all claws and madness, though. Bunn doesn't forget for a second that this book is really about a man down in the dumps. He's managed to consistently feed us this without making him painfully emo or fill the pages with cringeworthy depressing captions. Flash isn't all that charismatic and that's what works so well about him. The dude's actually relatable and his dialogue is organic for the most part. I really loved the friendly banter he had with Beast and admit the coffee remark gave me a good chuckle. Also, making Beast look like his current mutation gave the book a nice sense of continuity -- I know the character has a history of changing a lot in appearance from book to book.

The Bad

GAH! You've struck us with yet another Toxin cliffhanger, Mr. Bunn! You, sir, are one big tease to Toxin fans. The solicit said we'd see it happen this issue, but sadly we don't. At least we'll see them fight in the next issue... or so it seems! Also, having the symbiote construct a gun certainly looked really cool, but aren't holsters way more practical? Finally, I would have appreciated more of a focus on Eddie Brock and his motives by now, so hopefully we'll get that in the next chapter.

The Verdict

Crazy action? Check. Character development with Flash? Check. Pure eye candy from Shalvey? Check. If those points appeal to you, stop reading this right now and go buy the issue. And if you already bought the issue, go read it this second. Toxin vs. Venom has been hyped for quite some time now, so hopefully Bunn and Shalvey go all out in the next issue!

Oh, and how awesome is that cover? Marvel, you need to turn that into a poster.

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Posted By Fenderxx

I can't believe I almost dropped this book ! so glad I kept it on, one of the best reads today so far !

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Posted By Master_Thief

This was such as great issue and we neede one to focus on toxin

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Posted By MadeinBangladesh

Cover is sick and Im loving this arc and the art is great also

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Posted By Burns2k

wait beast was in this issue? gotta wait til friday due to bank holidays in the uk :(

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Posted By k4tzm4n

@burns2k said:

wait beast was in this issue? gotta wait til friday due to bank holidays in the uk :(

via Skype... or whatever program they use to communicate via laptop.

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Posted By sparty-dbq

The Venom-Toxin match-up is starting to feel like a Floyd Mayweather fight, what with the way they've been hyping it up for what, two or three months now?

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Posted By HollowPrince65

I dropped this book for Daredevil End of Days and I recently came into some money and picked up the 5 issues I've missed....god I've missed all the good stuff. I loved this issue so much. Venom is one of my favorite books every month next to DD and Supurbia

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Posted By WWAJfan

O yeah, great review, finally Venom 34, Flash/Venom vs Brock/Toxin XD cant WAIT!!!!!!!

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Edited By CTG

Don't tell me I have to pick up Venom now too... just dropped Indestructible Hulk to lighten my load a bit...

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Posted By WWAJfan

@ctg: Venom has always been a awesome book very consistent, only time i can think it wwas average was durin Monsters of Evil (23-25) and 28-30 were good but the art could have been better, but besides that, pure win ; )

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Edited By saoakden

Looking forward to seeing Toxin and Venom throw down.

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Posted By Unkillable_Deadpool1

@fenderxx: same, dropped it at 31 coz i felt it becoming too slow,but once I saw the preview of 33 and 32,I went and picked them up...and i'm proud to say that i'm right back in !! MUST BUY

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Posted By WWAJfan

btw you guys think that this book has been overlooked since remender left it?

cause that's a shame. this book has been very consistent. Only time i think it was average,like i mentioned before was during MoE, cause 26,27, 27.1,and Toxic arc has been Superb. Bunn and Declan are a great duo. Btw Slott teased that sooner or later Flash/Venom would eventually confront Spidey

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Posted By Hanson724

Was finally able to sit down and read this. The awesomeness of the cover was killing me. Of course it was another great issue!

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Posted By Burns2k

best book on the market! gotta love the spidey related stuff from superior spider-man, scarlet spider, morbius & avenging spider-man all quality stuff

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is the tbp of this out yet

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Edited By Burns2k