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Venom #28 - The Land Where the Killers Dwell Review


Venom heads to Philly after Katy Kiernan bumps into some huge trouble in the city.

The Good

Wow, what a dark and twisted issue. I'm legitimately astounded by Venom's fight with the U-Foes. The anti-hero encounters the team of villains outside a motel. When they realize he's too agile to immediately take down, they turn their attention towards the innocent people nearby. As you know, the U-Foes are a group of villains with assorted powers (strength, gas, etc.) and they viciously unleash their abilities on the helpless people nearby. At first I thought Venom would do something to save all of them from the situation (he certainly tries), but no, after his attempt we get a few panels of the brutal situation. Electric attacks slice people in half, they're crushed with super strength, they suffer as they choke on gas... it's almost painful to watch the event unfold. I imagine there are some people out there who might even find this scene a bit tough to stomach.

There are some moments where Thony Silas' and Nelson Decastro's art really shines. The splash page of Venom's first appearance in Philadelphia is downright amazing. Everything from the detail to the shading is top-notch. Where the art team also excels is combat. All of the attacks look great and pack a real force behind them. This ranges from his symbiotic legs being sliced off to the tragic scene with the civilians. Venom's status after the battle is also viciously detailed.

Venom said he needed change so I was honestly expecting him to have his own reason for heading to Philly. Perhaps just to escape from all the chaos that happened in New York. Whatever the reason, I thought he'd come here on his own terms. That's not the case, though. Katy's the reason Flash comes to Philly and thankfully the motivation provided is more than adequate.

Flash should stand no chance against the U-Foes, so when they were introduced I was concerned some major PIS was on the way. Luckily, that didn't happen and Ironclad even remarks that Venom's attacks aren't accomplishing anything. That said, watching Flash bounce around was a blast and he made great use of a grenade.

The Bad

Flash is a moron for taking that phone call. I have no idea what he thinks could have been more important than his alone time with Valkyrie. First they're interrupted over in SECRET AVENGERS, now he prevents it from happening by picking up the phone. It's official: Flash has no luck with the ladies.

The Verdict

Now that all the evil magic and minimum craziness is out of the way, this feels like a refreshing start for Venom. I know Rick Remender did a phenomenal job on the run and those are big shoes to fill, but writer Cullen Bunn has done a superb job with this and the previous issue. I have no idea how Venom and Katy will get out of this predicament but if they both do, I really hope it's pulled off well. Because at the moment, there isn't exactly a whole lot of options to save the day.

Posted by zackattack529

Maybe Flash was saved by the bell, because with his lower half paralyzed who knows, maybe he can't perform, take it easy on the guy. lol

Posted by jwalser3

I got to get back into this series, also sick cover!

Posted by WWAJfan

nice review

Posted by Rixec

Of course Flash has no luck with the ladies. He is wearing the symbiote, which was once worn by Peter Parker for along time. So the symbiote absorbed some of the Parker luck. Parker luck means you get every girl but chances are it's not gonna end well.

Edited by oblivionatm

@zackattack529 said:

Maybe Flash was saved by the bell, because with his lower half paralyzed who knows, maybe he can't perform, take it easy on the guy. lol

Exactly, and he did just get his "legs" (the suit) sliced off by her a few seconds earlier, so that's gotta hurt the ego.

Also I loved the Always Sunny joke in this issue, lol.

Posted by HollowPrince665

I've never thought that Venom was worthy of his own series but when I bummed the trades and issues from a friend I was proven so wrong. I'm digging the art and the story. I wish I could have bought this issue....*sigh* I am a poor college student.

Posted by fesak2

Sounds awesome. What other villains are based in Philadelphia?

Posted by InnerVenom123

I like it, but I feel like it's missing something.

Guess I just miss Jack.

Posted by LordRequiem

Glad to see the U-Foes getting some attention, too often are they used simply as "the bad guys" to fight.

Posted by zackattack529

@TheAcidSkull: yaa some of the savage six will return individually. First up is Toxin/Eddie Brock around issue #31

Posted by rley616

I was so skeptical when bunn took over but all he has done has impressed me every issue. Does anyone know if the "secret symbiot event" is still coming?

Posted by Oscars94

I liked the way the U-Foes actually do well against Venom. Usually they are just a team of jobbers against Street-Level Heroes. Remember they are the Hulk's Villains.

Posted by MysteriousUsername

I really do like it when villains spread out to fight other heroes, but honestly the U-Foes are too strong for Venom to beat them and it not feel contrived.

Get ready for Valkyrie to show up with some help next issue.