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Vengeance #1 - Book One Review


Here is the beginning of another mini-event shrouded in secrecy. The inclusion of characters that haven't been seen lately along with a new (and annoying) character, we're seeing the beginning of a new Teen Brigade. With Magneto and a flashback to Red Skull, you know this isn't something to be taken lightly.

Just when you thought you knew everything about the Marvel Universe, it turns out there's some secret gatherings we didn't know about.

The Good

Every once in a while we're subjected to secret histories in comics. Vengeance feels like it came out of no where but that sneak attack is a good thing here. There is a new Teen Brigade and what's awesome is we are seeing some characters that have been stuck in Comic Book Limbo for too long. We also see a new character that has been operating on the D.L. There is a sense of confusion as we are just getting a glimpse into this corner of the Marvel Universe and that gives the feeling that something bigger is lurking under the surface.

Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta are giving us what looks like another big event but one that the overall Marvel Universe is unaware of. There are several guest appearances and it further brings the feeling that this is something that is happening and not just another mini-series contained in it's own continuity. I may not fully know what's going on but reading this issue makes me want to find out.

The Bad

The new character, Ultimate Nullifier, is an ass. That is the intention. We can't always have characters that are likable. Magneto's portrayal was...interesting. I assume by one reference that this story is occurring in the presence yet his actions don't seem to be officially sanctioned by the X-Men.

The Verdict

Not every mini-event in comics should be the major focus in that comic universe. Vengeance feels like it sprung out of no where and that's a good thing. We're seeing several characters that haven't been seen in comics lately as well as others in little cameos that gives this book a realistic feel. This feeling of the unknown makes me want to find out what this mini-series is about. Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta do a great job in setting up the story and pulling you in. Magneto feels a little off and Red Skull's flashback isn't fully explained but that's what adds to making me want to come back for issue #2.

Posted by Golden Cod

Is this the same Ultimate Nullifier as the one first used to dissuade Galactus from eating Earth?

Posted by JonesDeini
@Golden Cod:  
Nah, new Character Casey came up.  
Glad to know this issue was compelling G-Man. I gave it a brief skim and also though that the portrayal of Mags interesting. I've been amped for this one for a while now. I'm holding off due to funds, hopefully I'll keep hearing good things. 
Posted by Eyz

Looks nice!
And woow! unexpected new event!

Posted by carnivalofsins00

I didn't love it. I am sticking around though. 
Also, did anyone else notice how in the first page it says "Three months ago" and it shows the footage from the first issue of Fear Itself with Steve in the riot? Then, in the present time, Steve is already in the Cap outfit, as they mentioned. So is this taking place after Fear Itself, or is this whole Serpent attack lasting three plus months?

Posted by hitechlolife

You're right about Magneto, being a prude is one thing but that was a lot of property damage.