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Uncanny Avengers #15 - Rapture Review


Are there even pieces to pick up? The Apocalypse Twins seem to have things well in hand.

The Good

Last issue left on one of the most grim notes a comic book can possibly leave off on. We had at least three major character deaths and those that lived didn’t look like they’d continue doing that for much longer, and this issue picks right up where that one left off. To say things are not going well would be a titanic understatement, but the Unity Squad isn’t going to merely surrender, but Rick Remender makes it clear that determination alone isn’t going to be sufficient. Remender definitely knows a thing or two about incredible, crushing, oppressive odds, and I honestly have no idea how this is going to end. I mean I know to some extent, but I’m not sure about the whys and wherefores, and he does an amazing job of making every character, from Cap to Wasp to Wolverine interesting and well developed. We get some incredible inner monologues and character moments, though a lot of that is due to the art.

Steve McNiven is one of the go-to artists when you need widescreen, kinetic, intense action, and intensity is something this book does incredibly well. This book is off and running from page 1 and rarely stops moving for the rest of the issue, and McNiven’s incredibly detailed pencils are part of what retains that feeling of motion and desperation rather than becoming dulled to the action. John Dell, Dexter Vines and Jay Leisten deserve some of the credit as well, making sure all the lines are sharp and defined, rendering the character’s jaw-clenching emotional moments all the more real. Laura Martin’s colors are on a whole other level at this point, particularly dealing with the absolutely insane myriad of bizarre, sci-fi characters and settings.

The Bad

There are one or two parts in this issue where people’s power is seemingly adjusted for plot reasons, most notably Sentry. I understand if Sentry’s abilities are somewhat lessened since returning from the grave, but the notion that this guy can run Thor ragged, but a massive sandworm from an alien world disposes of him, even temporarily, isn’t something I fully understand.

Maybe I’m spoiled, but between Nova and FF giving us Watchers that are, quite frankly, amazing in their characterizations and how they’re presented, it’s a little disappointing to see one back to spouting exposition. As long as he’s not a deus ex machina in the coming issues, it’s not a big deal.

The Verdict

This book is an incredibly intense experience and I enjoy the continuing notion of Captain America being reticent or even unable to give up the reins of leadership and the team doesn’t cohere as well as others, but that’s part of the appeal. These are people with wildly different views on the world and it makes sense that they wouldn’t see eye-to-eye on everything. We also get more absolutely gruesome visuals from the newly risen Sentry, which are gloriously gut-churning. I also love how a ton of these events are tied back to the very start of all these in ways both subtle and overt.

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I feel so delighted that part of my post on the CV review of UA #13 came true. I wont spoil what it is, but it made me happy to say the least.

I enjoy this book. Some things seem to be missing though, since the death of the Celestial that sent this into motion you would assume that a Celestial Executioner would be coming to earth, possibly Exitar. Some issues (Genesis and Angel) seem very untouched although they are very relevant to the story. Sure it's referenced in Logans torture but if Apocalypse is alive that's a big thing. Angel being alive and being amped by a Life Seed is a big thing.

My hopes rest with a Celestial coming to amp Genesis into a real, full-powered Apocalypse and his Horseman Angel to contest with these upstarts who claimed the mantel of Earths evolutionary caretakers.

Do I think it will happen, hell no, but it would be amazing to see Apocalypse come into his own in a story of such magnitude and show what he is fully capable of. (Mutant with the ability to alter his body on an ATOMIC level is HUGE, I wish his power could be shown used at its full potential)

Posted by Wolverine008

Damn, a full five stars?

Posted by PeppeyHare

This book has been awesome since #6

Posted by KaliboooStew
Posted by New_World_Order

Best comic I've read in a while, their was fight after fight.

First off I don't believe the Sentry was downplayed for plot. When he fought Thor in an earlier issue, Thor was surprised, confused, and shocked to see his long last friend who he put down himself. Obviously he wouldn't fight at full power, but here it seem liked a different story. We have Thor completely smashing Sentry's face in, ( although it was pretty messed before ). That giant worm didn't even looked like it impressed Sentry. He just said "oh" when he saw it, which gives me the feeling it won't do much.We'll most likely see him trying to stop Thor next issue.

The way the twins defeated Cap was cool too, how the can slow down time to make your attacks move slower.

I loved the ending with Exitar showing the thumbs down over the planet with his Galactus sized body, one of the best ways to end a comic.

This issue surely earned it's 5/5

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When was the last time you saw the Wasp as a bad ass?

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@judasnixon: Yeah, I totally forgot that she could do that. Become Giant Wasp, I mean.

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@doombert: awesome call...hope your prediction about genesis.apocalypse comes true too

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My absolute favorite thing about this series is Rick Remender's knack for getting me to care about characters I didn't previously. Wasp vs. Sentry was a great showcase of Janet's abilities. I'm really warming up to her. Super excited to see her and Havok in this upcoming storyline. Seems like the dial just keeps getting cranked up in this book.

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This issue deserved five stars - it really did. I wouldn't be so harsh with how Sentry came across -- I think his dialogue was nicely delivered and that fight...just wow. A heart-pumping issue from beginning to end with all the characters showcased wonderfully (although Avenger heavy).

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5 stars easy.

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yea never the sand worm getting rid of sentry either, but whatevers it was one fault the issue was epic. Lord i hope rogue comes back b4 this is over and wanda too.