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Ultimate Comics X-Men #28 - Natural Resources, Part Five; Utopia United! Review


America's war against Utopia may be over, but it may just beginning of something much bigger and more dangerous.

The Good

What a way to end a story! Sure, issue #27 is labeled as being the conclusion to Natural Resources, but this is where it really wraps up. The battle against the military ends quickly, but that doesn't mean there aren't other conflicts that need resolution. While the battle against Utopia and America has come to an end, relations don't look too good between Utopia and Tian, but moreso between Kitty Pryde and Jean Grey.

The opening battle between members of the military and Utopia is fantastic. We learn that it isn't just the mutants you don't want to mess with. The jungles of Utopia are just as dangerous. Pages two and three are beautifully set up. The art team of Mahmud Asrar (pencils), Juan Vlasco (inks), and Jordie Bellaire (colors) create a pretty freaky scene as we see members of the military taken down by the vines and trees within the jungle.

Later on, we get a phenomenal two page spread of Jean Grey showing her true power. The set-up of the page is fantastic, and I loved the color scheme. What's great about this page is Kitty Pryde's reaction, which is literally nothing. She won't back down. She really shows us what kind of leader she is and what kind of leader she can be.

We catch quick glimpses of rebuilding and while it may seem like the on-going battle between Mach Two and Kitty is swept under the rug, it makes sense. There are bigger threats, and finally, everyone is realizing they need to unite. They've come to grips with their problems, and many have realized that it wasn't their doing, since many may have been influenced by Psylocke. Brian Wood wraps up this story incredibly well. He's made this a must have book. I am so pleased with the direction of this book and the future of the series.

As soon as this story ends, another conflict arises, and normally, I hate when this happens, but mainly because it always feels forced. With the events of this issue and what happens to the members of the X-Men, this upcoming story feels like a very natural transition, not just another story shoved down the reader's throats. Yes, it's more praise for Brian Wood. Seriously, he's awesome.

The Bad

It's literally the same problem I've had with the art since this art team took over. I really don't like the fact that there is no shading on Kitty's shirt. It's flat and looks awkward in a profile view. What's weirder is that her white pants have inking and shading, but not her top.

The Verdict

ULTIMATE COMICS X-MEN is a top tier Marvel book. It's easily one of the most interesting books on the shelf, and writer Brian Wood knows what he's doing when it comes to writing team books, and more importantly, Kitty Pryde. She's really grown into this fantastic leader, and I'm very excited for the next story arc. The art here is great and dynamic. I have nothing but great things to say about this series. You really need to be reading this book.

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Edited by ChillinNKillin

Just finished reading this issue, and I gotta say that I like the direction Brian is taking with Jean's character. I'll admit, I've NEVER been a fan of the character (always thought she was just in the way or that there was little, if any, evolution to the character), but I like this "despot" Jean Grey as Kitty described her as she layed the verbal smackdown..

I also really like how this is conflict is an "in house", or "mutants only", conflict (the fate of humanity not being a focus at all; just the fate of mutants) and how both leaders present propositions that can truly benefit mutantkind regardless of whether Utopia or Tain win.

Now we only need to see how Pietro and his squad factor into the equation in future arcs.

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Posted by frozenedge

When reading titles like Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimates, and Ultimate X-Men, I just can't understand why people don't like the Ultimate universe. It's an amazing universe that I personally enjoy just as much as the 616 universe

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Posted by Icon

I've been neglecting Ultimate Comics X-Men in favour of the main X-books. I'm getting the impression here that I really ought to be paying as much attention to this one..

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Posted by Ben3000

Another fantastic issue, I really liked seeing how everyone was able to put aside there difference and come together to fight the bigger issue at hand. I'm really excited to see where this next arc will go.

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Posted by danhimself

I just want to know what or who the impersonator Psylocke was

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Posted by lifeboy

F@#$ Asrar!

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Posted by victorcheenoanleu

One of the things I love about this series is that ever since Brian took over this book has much more of an indie feel to it. We don't get barraged with outside(Ultimates) interference & I don't know if anybody noticed but in this issue nobody really used their powers except for maybe Jean & Kitty. The pacing is also great unlike the other Ultimate book I read(Spider-Man). Can't wait for the next arc.

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Posted by feargalr

I really hope Brian Wood stays on this book long enough to resolve all these stories.. unlike all that Professor X/Magneto jazz from the beginning of the run with Nick Spencer :/.

Although I do think this book is one of, if not, the best X title on the shelves right now!

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Posted by JamDamage


I can't express how happy I am that the Ultimate books are good again. I keep saying again even tho they've been good for 28 issues. The Ultimates has been good too. I don't even have to mention Ult. Spider-Man. Even tho I liked Loeb's Ultimate Vol. 3, and I might be the only one, the art was silly good. sure it seemed like Loeb didn't even read Millars run because he wrote the book like it was the 616 version. I also liked Millars return to the book. I wasn't to happy at first, but then after reading the issues again they were awsome. the Ultimates vs the Ultimate Avegers was great, and the tie in to Spider-Mans death was cool. Hickman on the Ultimates was my first real taste of Hickman except for a few singles, and I loved his writing. Wish he was still on the book. What ever. The Ultimate world is back, and differant. Right now Marvel is the best it's been in YEARS. That's my opinion. I love the Avengers titles. I love Bendis on the x-Men titles. I love Uncanny X-Force. Guardians is great. Hawkeye and Captain America are great. I have to pick up the trades for FF because I hear nothing but good things there as well. I wish I had enough money for a few other books, and the way DC has been lately, I just might have those extra few bucks I need. Just when I finally got the hand of DC and felt comfortable after jumping into such a rich history they go and revamp it and make most of the books crap. Earth 2 is good right now, and like Marvel, DC's other universe is some of their better work. Thanx Marvel. Thanx for pretty much not making me feel like I'm waisting my money.

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Posted by AWeekInGeekdom

This issue reminded me why I love the Ultimate world so much! The verbal smackdown between Kitty and jean was epic, I'm sad that they resolved the "Psylocke" issue but I wonder if Mach Two will quietly fade away? (By the way, what the happened to Johnny? Everyone else is accounted for except him. I liked him with Kitty and Bobby.)