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Trio #1 - A Day in the Death Review


John Byrne introduces a new team of heroes. But in this world, anything goes. Don't expect all the heroes to come out unscathed.

The Good

I've always had a soft spot for John Byrne. Imagine my surprise when I discovered YESTERDAY that he had a new book coming out from IDW (how the heck did I not hear about this?). The story takes place in "another time, another place." That means Byrne has free reign to do whatever he pleases with the characters he creates. When you're a fan of a creator, part of you wants to see them work on your favorite characters but there is something refreshing knowing their working on characters that they've created themselves. Not saying that creators don't always put in 100%, but I would imagine working on your own characters gives a tiny bit more motivation in creating the best stories possible.

In this world, the premiere team of heroes is known as Trio. The members are a variation of the Rock-Paper-Scissors notion and we jump right into the action as the team deals with some 'bad guys.' There were some moments of slightly corny dialogue but I'm going to take that as part of the mood or vibe Byrne is trying to establish. There definitely is a retro and more innocent feel that you don't really see anymore in today's comics.

But don't take the reference to "innocent" as an indication that the book will be a watered down adventure. There is violence and destruction. It was funny because I started thinking to myself that the cost of damages from one battle was skyrocketing and then on the next page, there is a comment on the amount of damage occurring. There's also the fact that the heroes can get hurt. We don't know much about the characters and what their history is but we get enough to make us become invested as tiny details on the Trio are sprinkled throughout.

The Bad

As much as a truly love Byrne, there are some of those infamous empty backgrounds. In fact, one of the characters is ideal to have a lack of detail. I mentioned the bits of corny dialogue and it could be a little standoffish at times.

We have a good introduction to the characters but the level of greatness this series could have will depend on the next issue. The mysteries and little indications on who the Trio are will pique your curiosity but we'll need some solid answers and characterization to make the new characters compelling enough to follow on a regular basis. I can't say I'm completely impressed with the villain in the second half either.

The Verdict

John Byrne and superheroes is a winning combination in my book. Somehow I was completely unaware of this title and seeing Byrne's creations was a welcomed treat. The issue jumps right into the action and the lack of a full introduction or origin is an interesting change of pace. Normally first appearances can get bogged down with the backstory but here we're given some and hopefully we'll continue to get some more next issue. As a huge fan of Byrne's art, it's great to see it but there are moments where the action feel a little empty. The coloring is nice but the overuse of blue and a lighter blue for the sky makes the art sometimes look a little bland. That's not something I normally associate with Byrne's art. Because the characters were all created by Byrne, he can do whatever he likes with them. That adds more suspense, especially when we see one member of the team injured. I now have high hopes for this series and want to be won over even more in the next issue. New and different is good and this is our chance to have more comics from Byrne. I can't wait to see what happens next. Fans of Byrne should definitely check this out. If you haven't read a lot of Byrne's work, give it a shot and see what he has to offer.