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The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #4 - Heroes Fight Liars! Review


The Sinister "Six" have a run in with Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Fred Myers AKA Boomerang meets up with The Chameleon in prison.

The Good

Boomerang wants to take over the Sinister Six, after being voted out as leader. Meanwhile, Luke Cage and Iron Fist take on what's left of the Sinister Six, which leads one member to becoming star struck.

This is the funniest book on the shelves, bar none. There are numerous moments, in this issue, that are "laugh out loud" funny. It's all in Nick Spencer's dialogue. It's quicky, witty, and at times, so ridiculous it just makes the reader giggle, especially when there's a reference to a show from the 80s I used to watch. The back and forth banter moves this book along really well. There may be lots of it, but there's great flow in the writing here.

As far as story goes, this book is incredibly different from the vast majority of Marvel books on the shelves. There's not giant threat these characters are facing that's going to destroy the world. It works more as a crime book, on a pretty small scale. Most of the time, these villains are battling themselves more than anyone else. As stated before, this book reads a lot like Fraction's run on HAWKEYE, but a bit more fun and out there, in my opinion. The book really jumps back and forth between Fred AKA Boomrang as a regular old person trying to get a drink at the bar, and his work with the Sinister Six. It's a very nice balance, and I love seeing villains get the "hero" treatment, meaning we get to see these characters as actual people, not just villains.

What really gives this issue a great look and feel is the art of Steve Lieber with Rachelle Rosenberg on colors. The writing and art mesh so well together. There's one stand-out page in particular that's a splash of Bommerang standing on a trail of money, and features his older costumes and teams he was on. The page has a fantastic flow to it. Without ruining anything, the final page is also fantastic, especially how the viewer gets to see inside of a solid object.

Awesome final page to this issue. It's a bit ridiculous, but this book has some funny/weird reveal pages.

The Bad

No problems with the issue. I'm really enjoying what Spencer, Lieber, and Rosenberg are doing with these characters, even if some longtime Spidey-fans are not.

I kind of wish they'd change the title to something else. Sure, this book is about one time Spider-Man foes, but it's so much more than that. The title makes it feel like a cheap tie-in to what's going on in SSM, which it's not. This book stands high and proud on its own.

The Verdict

This was my favorite issue of the week. SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN continues to deliver a witty and fun story with characters that usually sit around in villain purgatory. It's a great use of these characters, and this issue in particular gives the reader more insight into how Boomerang works. The writing and art are both fantastic, and overall, I highly recommend this issue and this series. Have some fun with your comics.