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The Legend of Luther Strode #6 Review


Volume two's violent finale is here! Can Luther and Petra put an end to Jack's killing spree?

The Good

Okay, I definitely feel like I need some Purell after reading this. If you're a fan of Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore's overdose of insanely over the top violence (and you likely are if you're reading this), there's absolutely no way at all this issue is going to disappoint you. It's the finale of volume two, so you know you're in for a treat when Luther and Petra enter a mall that Jack the Ripper has taken over (and by treat I mean a mountain of bloody chaos). What ensues is pretty much one lengthy and horrific battle, but did you really expect anything else? Watching Jack and Luther go at it is quite epic and absolutely frenetic. There's some great layouts to help you follow and fully appreciate how ridiculous and damaging the clash between these two powerful characters is. Surfaces are shattered, bones are broken, limbs are cut... it has all of the horrific violence you've come to expect.

In a series that has showcased SO MUCH absurd violence, it's tough to imagine Jordan delivering something truly shocking, but the man pulled it off. I'm sure it'll remind some people of the Evil Dead reboot and then throws something extra gruesome in. Because, you know, sometimes a chainsaw to the face isn't enough. Sometimes you've just gotta have a super-strong dude then smash the torn apart head with his fist, too. Better safe than sorry, right?

Tradd Moore and Felipe Sobreiro do exactly what you've come to expect from them by now and then some. You want more of their crisp, super energetic, vibrant and animated violence? Well, you've got more than enough of it in this issue. The proportions are a bit ridiculous at times, but that's totally in line with the tone of the book and the end result is a graphic yet oddly beautiful issue.

The Bad

Luther tells Petra to stop shooting at things, but when that's stated, we haven't seen her fire a single bullet. And while I do love the art, there was a moment or two where I thought the action was a little too crowded and slightly confusing with all of the additional smoke and effects.

Also, I was hoping for a little more of a tease or twist for the next volume. You know, something to make us super anxious for what comes next. It's not a bad conclusion by any means, but everything plays out pretty much as expected. Like I said, an extended fight is giving us exactly what we wanted, but it would have been cool to hit us with something extra as well. This ending definitely has potential, but I would have loved a scene teasing Cain or whoever the next big bad is (aside from Jack's remark, of course).

The Verdict

Jordan doesn't throw any twists or turns our way, but he definitely brings his A game when it comes to the dialogue and bringing some massively entertaining moments. There's an abundance of shockingly violent set pieces and scenes in this one. I know you've come to expect overloads of graphic violence from this title, but this is definitely way up there. As always, Moore and Sobreiro keep pace with Jordan's crazy script and do total justice bringing this madness to life. It's a tad too hectic at times, but overall, it's yet another great chapter in Luther Strode's life.