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The Flash #27 - History Lessons Part One Review


The Flash discovers evidence that leads to an old case. The results of this just might hit closer to home than he realized.

The Good

Brian Buccellato is back! For a few issues, at least. With this issue, we immediately get a feel of a lot of history. In many New 52 titles, even with the five year timeline, there's been an empty feeling as if many of the characters haven't been too active. That isn't the case here. Buccellato takes us back to 1848 with a scene that's laying some seeds for the story. Seeing Flash take on Chroma (who thankfully isn't called Rainbow Raider anymore) and Tar Pit gives a sense of familiarity. You can see that Flash fought them before on several occasions.

Mysteries from the past can alway be fun, when done right. Buccellato sets up a case that involves the history of Central City. Despite Barry living here his whole life, he was unaware of this bit of history. It leads him investigating other areas.

You can see that Buccellato is getting ready for his upcoming stint on DETECTIVE COMICS. We don't often see superheroes investigate scenes or remains. They usually are on hand to stop the bad guys. As part of the Central City Police Department, it's part of Barry's nature to want to get to the bottom of this, especially with the possible close connection to his past.

There's a nice feel to the art. There's some cool details in Patrick Zircher's art and Matt Hollingsworth colors add a nice rich dark tone to capture the vibe at the crime scene.

The Bad

While the detail in the art and characters were nice, there some scenes that felt like they had sparse backgrounds. This started making the story feel a little more isolated and cold. Not a completely bad thing since there is a bit of a somber mood. Barry's usually pretty upbeat but this is a situation where he has a lot to deal with.

The Verdict

Even though it's Brian Buccellto back writing, this story doesn't feel like your typical FLASH story. Buccellato is warming up for DETECTIVE COMICS as we see more from the police investigatory angle. Barry has a more serious feel to him as he's determined to figure out what's going on. Patrick Zircher's art is really good here. Along with Matt Hollingsworths colors, there's almost an older, classic feel to the story. Seeing Barry trying to investigate what's going on and being a little more serious sets the story apart from the recent issues, even though we've seen him up against some deadly foes. With the story hitting closer to home in a more credible fashion, this is not a story to pass on. We should be thankful that Buccellato still has more Flash stories in him. This arc is off to a fascinating beginning.