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The Flash #21 - Reverse, Part 2 Review


It's the Flash vs Kid Flash. What's the deal with the member of the Teen Titans and what's his connection to the Speed Force murders?

The Good

Kid Flash has been one of the characters in the New 52 that has been a bit of a mystery. We've seen him in the pages of TEEN TITANS but we never got all the answers on him. Is he the same Bart Allen we knew before? How come there hasn't been any interaction between him and Barry? Why and how did he end in up in the present if he's from the future? We did see a tiny glimpse in an issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA'S VIBE and now we're getting some more answers.

Let's be honest, Bart is a bit of a twerp. But he's young and misguided. Why would he listen to old Barry? What ensues is a fun interaction between the two characters that is long overdue. Throughout, it almost seems there is more to Bart than we may realize. Then again, can anything he says be fully trusted?

Of course the reason for Bart's appearance is because Barry is investigating the Speed Force murders. We do get some more development on that but more importantly, we get to see more Iris West. Perhaps someday Barry will realize he should be with her instead of Patty Spivot.

As fun as the story was, Francis Manapul's art and Brian Buccellato's colors added another layer to it all. Seeing the two speedsters race around different locales was a blast. It's clear that these guys know what makes Barry Allen tick and work. Their writing and art is exactly what this character deserves.

The Bad

While we can't get all the answers we might want right away, it almsot felt as if the interaction between Barry and Bart ended too suddenly. For two speedsters, it makes sense things would proceed at a faster pace. But for Bart to be on the cover, it makes you want to see more between the two. The story does shift into a couple other areas. These are important aspects to the book and we do need to see more of the developments with all involved. There just seemed to be a tiny lack of flow between the different parts.

The Verdict

The Flash vs Kid Flash. Who is faster? What sort of encounter will the two have. If you're a fan of either character, pre- or post-New 52, you won't want to miss this issue. Too much about Bart is still unknown and you'll find yourself hanging onto every word and panel with the two. Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul's story with the Speed Force killer continues to be a problem and their art and color gives the book such a great look. The biggest problem with this issue is it feels too short. Or it felt like the story went by too fast. That might seem fitting for a book starring a speedster. Perhaps it's simply a longing for more action and story with the Flash.

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Posted by batmannflash

beautiful art. really cool to see Bart and Barry racing it out. but not much really happens in this issue.

very exciting to see Reverse Flash next issue

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Posted by Dabee

I thought it was a really strong issue. Maybe in the near future we could see another Kid Flash...? (Wally West)

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Posted by TheFirstLantern

I like how the cover shows that Barry isn't as "buff" as other members in JL.

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Edited by ptigrusmagus

My number 1a or 1b hells yea love this book, SeptemBucc right? Lmao

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Posted by w0nd

wonderful art. Bart was a little sh*t head this issue though. Use to him being flirty and hyper, not a little snot.

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Edited by Nahuel

I think it's really sad that we get answers of Kid Flash's origin outside of his book, even if it is a team book, with 21 issues, lobdell should be more capable...

Anyway, this series is a blast.

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Posted by csguterres

@w0nd said:

wonderful art. Bart was a little sh*t head this issue though. Use to him being flirty and hyper, not a little snot.

Yeah, that's my only problem with this issue: Bart was OOC, he should just make fun of Barry, but without disrespecting him and being so snot. For example the race between the two of them should be Bart challeging Barry to prove who is fast.

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Posted by PRgirl94

@nahuel: Well good news, you won't have to worry about that for long. They'll get into Kid Flash's origins in "Teen Titans" at issue #23.

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Posted by CoffeeWithBagels

Great series, the cover for issue number 23 looks awesome, also enjoyed the around the world in 80 seconds theme.

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Posted by jorelliot

I love the art in this book!

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Edited by Teerack

I was sorta hoping for more information, but Bart totally stonewalled him. I'm starting to think Bart and Reverse Flash know a bit about Flash Point. I also think Reverse Flash is Wally, because as he said "Believe it or not I'm the good guy."

Also I sorta hope Iris has some kind of speed power, like maybe she has the super speed thinking that Barry has, but just doesn't know it yet because even Barry didn't realize he had the power for over a year.

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Posted by Jake Fury

This series never fails to disappoint. Great art, great action and an interesting storyline as always.

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Posted by JV

Just read last night and enjoyed this book. It reminded me a bit of the interaction between Batman and Robin. I know Kid Flash was more outright disrespectful, but what I enjoyed about Batman and Robin was that adult/kid banter and I saw some of that in his book. But I give Flash credit, I would have shook that kid for answers, especially after he flung the priceless art.

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Edited by The Stegman

I like how the cover shows that Barry isn't as "buff" as other members in JL.

He's a runner, he should have a runner's body, lean and slim.

Though Kid Flash is a dick in this issue.