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The Flash #17 - Gorilla Warfare, Part 5: The Way Home Review


It's the finale of the war against Grodd. What will this mean for those stuck in the Speed Force?

The Good

Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato have completed their Gorilla Grodd story. Wrapping up other elements as well (those stuck in the Speed Force for several issues), we get to see Barry firmly grasp his role as Flash. The Flash fighting while inside the Speed Force allows him to unleash his fury upon Grodd. As this goes on, the Central City Police Department and the Rogues attempt to deal with the rest of Grodd's army.

The art team of Manapul and Buccellato continues to take the series to new levels. The detail and 'special fx' inside the Speed Force or when Turbine uses his powers makes a great scene even more spectacular.

Even as the story wraps up several plot points, we do see seeds planted for what's coming up. We get hints what's next for the Rogues, Barry, Patty, Iris and even Dr. Elias.

You also have to love the reunion between Flash and Iris, even if there's other matters complicating things. And of course we get a nice juicy cliffhanger at the end - the introduction of a new major problem for the Flash.

The Bad

The Gorilla Warfare story was fun but the ending was a little lackluster. What to do with a villain at the end of a story/arc can always go a number of ways. Grodd's 'end' felt like it just suddenly happened. The story itself felt as if it was moving along and then everything was resolved.

Minor gripe: Captain Frye wonders how to save the stadium full of people hooked up to Grodd's device. He decides to just unplug a cable without worrying over the possibility that it could wipe out or fry their minds.

The Verdict

Barry's battle against Gorrilla Grodd is over and he might have a tiny moment to catch his breath. Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato bring the story to a conclusion and treat us with their glorious art and colors. While the story was moving along, there is a small sense that it all abruptly ends here. There is plenty of resolution for the different characters as well as the set up for what's next for them. We also get a big cliffhanger at the end as we see a big problem for the Flash develop.